Welcome to the 2018 season of unmissable Match Fishing action from White Acres!

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The angling kicked off again in March for the 2018 fishing festival season for loads of match action on our 13 fantastic lakes….

We’ve been busy preparing for our 2018 season and there’s so much to tell you about.

From an extensive winter maintenance plan on the lakes to our revamped Tackle Shop, brand new accommodation and a fresh new menu in the restaurant – your White Acres experience will be better than ever. We’ve decided to bring the rules of our five main 180 angler festivals in line with each other so the Frenzee Festival is no longer a pellet-free match.

We’re looking at changing our bait limit and revising some of our other festival rules too so watch this space for more information. Plus there’ll be a new sponsor for some of our smaller festivals, which will ensure the prizes are even more exciting.

White Acres Fisheries Team 2018

Hard at work! The White Acres Fisheries Team preparing for the 2018 season…

As part of our pre-season maintenance we’ll be giving the lakes their usual haircut – trimming back any overhanging trees and brambles but we’ve also got lots more in progress to improve your fishing experience.

We’re investing into new pathways around the lakes to make them more accessible for you plus we’re replacing over 75 pegs and re-building most of the pegs on Jennys and Pollawyn high bank to ensure that they are both safe and enjoyable to fish.

We’ll be continuing to carry out annual netting on the lakes. This helps to assist oxygen circulation and reduce algae, which improves water quality. We’ve introduced thousands of new fish into the lakes. Our first fish stocking took place in November with 1,700 Ghost F1’s into Pollawyn and around 1,000 into Jenny’s lake – plus more to come. To help us to do this we’re working to fully utilise all four of the lakes in our fish farm. This will enable us to be self-sufficient in our fish breeding and re-stocking programmes.

Last but not least in 2018 we’re making a positive change for the health of the lakes. In order to improve our water quality we have decided to follow the lead of many other fisheries around the country and stop the use of meat on our lakes. A tin of luncheon meat contains over three ounces of fat therefore this change will improve the welfare of the fish and will also help to reduce the greasy residue that collects on the surface after our match days and festivals.

So don’t delay give Lisa at White Acres Reception a ring on 01726 862100 to book your 2018 festival place – We look forward to seeing you!
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Book your 2018 festival place

Come and fish in one of our exciting 2018 matches! The full seasons events can viewed below in our 2018 Festivals Calendar

Our 2018 festivals are now available to book, so if you have any festival enquiries or to make a booking please give Lisa at White Acres Reception a call on 01726 862100.

Pepsi Cola Spring Veterans Festival
Week commencing 19th March
Over 55s can join us for this four-day fishing event.
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Pepsi Cola & Drennan Junior Festival
Week commencing 2nd April
Festival fishing open to youngsters of all abilities up to 15 years of age, with generous winners’ prizes and goodie bags up for grabs.
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Pepsi Cola & Preston Innovations Intermediate Festival
Week commencing 2nd April
For intermediate anglers aged 16-21, looking to go on to fish senior festivals. With fantastic winners’ prizes and goodie bags for all who enter.
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Frenzee Festival
Week commencing 16th April
Join 180 anglers for our traditional five-day festival. No longer a pellet-free festival!
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Dynamite Baits Festival
Week commencing 23rd April
With the warmer weather around this event, you can expect to see some much bigger weights from the 180 anglers.
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Guru Festival
Week commencing 14th May
180 anglers fishing over five days with a chance to win some fantastic prizes.
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Garbolino Spring Classic Festival
Week commencing 4th June
A friendly, less competitive four-day event, perfect for honing your skills before going on to fish our bigger festivals.
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Pepsi Cola Summer Club Anglers Festival 2018
Week commencing 18th June
Join 100 anglers for a four-day competition open to all non-sponsored anglers yet to win a 30 peg open match.

Pepsi Cola Summer Veterans Festival
Week commencing 2nd July
Over 55’s can join us for this four-day fishing event.

Maver Festival
Week commencing 1st October
A 180 peg match held over five-days and your last chance to qualify for the Preston Innovations Festival!
Now taking bookings!

Preston Innovations Festival
Week commencing 8th October
180 anglers qualifying via a previous White Acres Festival or resident match are invited to our biggest festival of the year. The top 24 go on to fish the Parkdean Resorts Masters.
Now taking bookings!

Parkdean Resorts Masters
13th October
One of the biggest events in the UK with our top 24 anglers competing for the chance to win a £25,000 grand prize.

Winners Week
Week commencing 15th October
A week of fishing for all 2018 resident match winners. Your chance to win a seven-night holiday with Parkdean at White Acres.^^^

Pepsi Cola Winter Veterans Festival
W/C 29th October
A four-day event for the over 55s, combining both modern and traditional styles.
Sorry this festival is now full.
Please contact us to be added to our reserve list.

Winter Garbolino Festival
W/C 24th November
Our final Festival for 2018. Don’t miss out!
Now taking bookings!

Some Terms and Condition apply to our festivals – for more infomation please visit our Festivals Calender 2018

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Tight Lines,
The Fisheries Team