A Day on the Lakes … Porth Reservoir

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Ten minutes from White Acres lies one of the best coarse fishing reservoirs in the country, stuffed with skimmers, roach, and perch.

Porth Reservoir

Porth Reservoir

If you fancy getting off site and tackling somewhere different then Porth Reservoir could be just the ticket. The 40 acre Reservoir is part of the South West
Lakes Trust waters, has 103 swims and is very popular with the match anglers.

The massive stocks of skimmers, roach and perch often provide bite cast action and bags of 20lb or more are easily achievable. Add some large tench to 10 lb and the occasional specimen carp to nearly 23lb plus a few pike into the equation and it makes for an interesting blend of species but it’s the silver fish which dominate.

The reservoir is at its deepest at the car park end and particularly in the trees where you can find 6 metres of water, then the venue depths shallow to just a few feet before the fishing pegs stop short of a nature reserve.

Pleasure anglers don’t have to walk far, as the swims nearest the car park are capable of some hectic sport and to prove the point Clint fished for this feature just 50 paces from his car. .

Tactical Tips for Porth

1. Porth fish respond to groundbait. In summer start off with half a dozen balls containing some maggot and caster, then feed a top up ball after every fish. Aim the balls to land slightly short of your float – the better fish hang just off the feed.

2. For pole fishing use a big bodied float like the Tubertini Delta pattern which takes around 2 grams. An olivette about 18 inches from the hook takes the bait quickly down to the fish. A few number 8 dropper shot, below, help the bait fall naturally through the last couple of feet and register lift bites and dips.

3. Red maggots or casters make excellent hook baits either as single or double offerings and I rate the Preston innovations PR25 or Drennan Super Carbon maggot pattern of hook for silver fish. Size 18 is ideal at Porth.

4. Loose feeding casters every few minutes over the top of the groundbait helps, but it may bring fish up, so it pays to shallow up if the bites stop.