A Day on the Lakes

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Lots of advice and tips on how to bring in a good catch from the lake at White Acres and further afield

A Day on the Lakes… Porth Reservoir.
Ten minutes from White Acres lies one of the best coarse fishing reservoirs in the country, stuffed with skimmers, roach, and perch.

A Day on the Lakes… Bolingey.
Bolingey is the place to head for if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. News Reel reveals how to make the most of your visit.

A Day on the Lakes… Pollawyn.
Pollawyn is perhaps the most well known of all the White Acres lakes being one of the original pools, and scene of many a good catch down the years.

A Day on the Lakes… Jenny’s, Eery, Sycamore & Pat’s.
With so many varied lakes to choose from White Acres offers a host of ways to enjoy the sport. Newsreel took a walk round the lakes and caught up with a few guests to see how they were getting on…

A Day on the Lakes… Twin Oaks.

Twin Oaks is one of our most recently created lakes. News-Reel takes a look at how you can better your catch….

A Day on the lakes… Python, Pollaywn & Eery!

Python, Pollawyn and Eery, News-Reel visits White Acres match lakes!