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Published June 2016
As Guru’s Brand Manager, Adam is tasked with developing new products as well as helping to market the company and recruit new Guru consultants. Alongside working for Guru for his day job, he also represents the company through his angling exploits.

Adam Rooney

Adam Rooney

Adam recently fished for the England B Feeder team, which demonstrates that he knows exactly what he’s talking about when it comes to using Guru products!

He’s seen as a talented rising star on the match circuit and he appears in many top angling publications, such as Improve Your Coarse Fishing. We sat down with Adam for a chat about his experience of White Acres.

What’s your favourite White Acres lake and why?
My favourite lake is Pollawyn. I like it because it holds a variety of fish, so depending where you draw you can target certain species to compete in your section. Pollawyn was also one of the first lakes to be built at White Acres so when I visited as a child it was the lake to be on, now when I return it always brings back fond memories.

Most memorable fishing experience at White Acres?
My most memorable fishing experience was winning the Preston Festival in 2003, I was only young and to beat such a strong field of anglers was amazing.

What keeps you coming back to White Acres?
I love the festivals, seeing fellow anglers I haven’t seen for ages and competing against the best. It’s the place to visit if you love competition fishing. The fishing is fantastic and the events are well organised.

What would you say to someone thinking about fishing their first festival?
Simple! Don’t think, do! Get yourself there! You will never look back.

What piece of equipment or product would you not be without on a trip to White Acres?
My meat cutter! White Acres fish love the meat!

Your top tip for fishing at White Acres?
Don’t ignore the other species. Carp are always the key species to catch in competitions, however, there are so many silverfish in the lakes, you can target them to help seal some valuable section points. Silverfish such as bream, skimmers, tench and roach can really help build your weight and it’s great fun catching them too.