Angling Star Interview – Ben Leach

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The White Acres festival season got off to a flying start with the 2007 Van Den Eynde festival being the first event of the year.

It was a great week and the at the presentation on Friday evening former Parkdean Master and Daiwa Dorking star Ben Leach was named as the winner. Here is an exclusive insight into Ben’s week……

I’m just going to talk about the week from start to finish it probably won’t make sense but I’m sure you can make something of it.

interview_ben_leach_01My first draw put me on Bolingey 18 a good section peg, I decided to fish pva with meat across to the island and meat at 5m…

This was ok as I had 50/50 of my 143lb catch on each method for second in section by 1lb I was happy with this but thought if I fished feeder instead I would have had more and won the section.

Day 2 peg 31 on match lake, again ok but peg 23 walked the section the day before, Thinking I was fishing for less bites I opted for pva again and 14.5m pole, when I lost the section by 4oz (not happy as you would know) (yes I do know Ben but we knew your actions weren’t directed at us just at your self so you were forgiven! KB) I new pva is wrong because its not as explosive as the feeder and to slow, I will not make this mistake again.

All I was thinking that evening was not a bad start but what it could have been, my aim had changed to making the top ten as I thought 36pts would win which I now couldn’t achieve.

Day 3 peg 12 on Python apart from peg 9 a fair section, but with the wind getting up and making 17+ meters difficult to fish on that peg I fancied my chances on the feeder, I won the section with 48lb on the feeder (no pva today).

I’m now thinking avoid a melt down at Gwinear and with Porth on the last day I should make the top 10.

Gwinear was good to me this time peg 57 one I had not drawn before, but after speaking to Des,
sparse feeding at 17m down the bank should be good for a top 2 because peg 55 had won all 3 days. I won the section with 56lb and now almost guaranteed that top 10.

That night I was lying in 2nd and people were saying you can still win this, but hoping Steve Ringer, Neil Machin, Tom Pickering and Grant Albutt all fail to win was a bit far fetched, Neil had to come 3rd, oh and I still had the matter of winning my section.

Day 5, end peg 24 at Porth crap section but good peg, I rushed to find out where the big 4 had drawn. Steve, Grant and Tommy drew poor pegs for there section but Neil drew where Will Raison won the day before! Well that’s it second at best I thought.

I fished a bad match for 4 hours chopping and changing methods, luckily it was so bad I got away with this in the final hour I went for small roach on the pole at 9m catch 89 fish in the final hour and won the section with 7lb.

After loads of phone calls to Des and Will it emerged that not only had Steve, Grant and Tom had failed to win Neil was third, I had won!!!!
I was ecstatic as it’s taken so long for me to win a festival (not including the Parkdean final) the only job now was to get wasted. (And I think you did that pretty well Ben – KB)

So that was Ben’s week, thanks very much for your time Ben and we will see you for our Autumn Festival.

Hope you enjoyed Bens report and if you have any comments please feel free to email us.

Our next big event the Dynamite Bait festival starts on Saturday 14th April so watch this space for daily updates and an exclusive interview with the winner.

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