Angling Star Interview – Steve Barraclough

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Steve Barraclough, winer of the 2009 Milo festival shares his match winning diary with us.

Day 1
Drew peg 20 on Trewaters. Started the match fishing short on the pole with pellets. Fishing 4 mil expander on hook and feeding 4 mil hard pellet. I struggled for the first 2 hour. In this time I was feeding 4 mil pellets shallow and saw some activity in the water, so I got my shallow rig on and caught steady til the end of match. I banded a 6 mil pellet and loose fed 4 mils. And ended up with 170 small F1’s. Weighed 87lb which gave me a section and lake win.

Day 2
Drew 40 on Porth. Which was an end peg, and I felt was a good section peg. I cupped 8 balls of groundbait and 14.5 metres full of chopped worm and caster at the start of the match. Fishing over the top with maggot. I caught well throughout the match, topping up on a regular basis to keep the fish in my peg. Weighed 14lb which gave me a section win and lake win.

Day 3
Drew peg 7 on Bolingey. I liked the look of my peg as I had open water to fish to, plus an inside line which I felt would bring me some fish later in the match. I started my match fishing shallow in open water fishing pellet, with a 6 mil banded pellet on the hook. I caught slowly for 2 and half hours catching fish to 7lb.

In the last 2 hours I changed to fish down the edge again with pellet and had a couple of fish. In the last hour there were a lot of fish down the edge and managed to catch 50lb in this hour.
Weighed 107lb giving me my 3rd section win.

Day 4.
I drew peg 26 on match lake (Pollawyn), which is on the high bank. For some reason this peg had not fished well through out the week and thought I could be in trouble.

I fished pellet method feeder for 1 and half hours and never caught. I changed to fishing pole long on the deck and caught a couple of skimmers. In the last 2 hours again I ended up fishing shallow and 2 different depths. 2 feet and 5 feet again with 6 mil banded pellet and feeding 6 mil pellets. I ended the match with 4 carp and a lovely net of skimmers.

Weight 67lb and a 4th in section. Which meant I had to win my section on the last day, so the pressure was on as there were 4 or 5 of us in contention to win.

Day 5
Drew peg 23 Trelawney. A fair section peg. I had a venue local on 25 so I knew I would have a battle on my hands. I started fishing pellet method with 6 mil banded pellet, chucking as tight as I could to the far bank. If I did not chuck within a few inches of the bank the tip never moved. I caught steadily for the first few hours. Often changing to pellet waggler which snuck me a few fish. It was neck and neck going in to the last hour with Andy Dare. My peg just seemed to come back to life and ended up finishing with match with 31 carp mainly on the method. But still felt that I had not done enough.

But it was to be my week and I weight 76lb giving me a section win I needed to win the festival.
I would just like to take the opportunity to thank White Acres and Milo the sponsors for donating some superb prizes to the winners.