Arthurs Antics… Fishing is the Best Ever!

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I’ve now made two trips to White Acres this year (June 2004) and I think it would be fair to say the fishing is better than ever. The ‘new’ lakes, Twin Oaks, Acorn and Canal are fishing very well – especially the ‘Oaks’.

features_antics_photo_headsThere is a bit of weed in Canal but that is being sorted as I write. The fish are growing on well and look in mint condition. Much of this is down to the work of Clint and the fisheries team, using advice from top commercial fishery owner Roy Marlow, who have produced top class waters.

Clint’s next immediate task is to make White Acres self-sufficient in fish stocks by using a series of stock ponds. There are several small, weedy ponds around the site and these are currently housing thousands of small fish for future stocking. Luckily the mild Cornish climate means carp breed successfully, along with bream, roach and perch, and there are literally millions of fry produced each spring. Careful husbandry should mean home-bred fish, used to prevailing water conditions, with none of the risks previously encountered with stock from fish farms.

That makes the prospects even more exciting as a deal is very close to completion for more land for new lakes to be dug. A little bird tells me that close to the top of the list is a new specimen lake, which would allow all the big fish from around the site to have a new home. It will be purpose built for overnight fishing and have many underwater features which will allow big-fish anglers to use all their skills. This in turn will open up more space for the pleasure angler on the existing lakes.

On the subject of healthy stocks, many visitors have been saddened, as have we all, by the problems of Gwinear.. This wonderful fishery has been struck down with Spring Viraemia of Carp (SVC). This disease most often strikes on waters which have been restocked, yet ironically Gwinear has had no new fish since the introduction of the original stock in 1996. The disease is also closely linked with koi carp, and the Asian strain of SVC is the most common. Gwinear has the much more unusual European strain on the virus.

There were some water quality issues at Gwinear and these have now been attended to and moves put in place to prevent anything similar happening again. The Match Lake is currently open, for pleasure anglers only, and is fishing superbly well, with fit, healthy fish being caught.. The Festivals are now over for a while, Ladies Week excepted, more later on that, and results have been excellent. Despite a pretty slow spring fish fed well in all pools, plus Porth and Bolingey.

The Builder Centre Final and Drennan Super League Final where both major national titles decided on White Acres fishery, an indication of how highly rated the fishery is, not just by you and I as anglers, but by the angling world and tackle trade in general.

Now for the Ladies. Following the launch of the hugely successful ‘Virgins Festival’ (now Matchwinner) the management have introduced a festival for the ever increasing number of lady match anglers. The event is on week commencing July 3rd and I’ll be there, along with Steve Ringer, for a Q&A on the Wednesday evening. In fact I’ll be there from Tuesday to Thursday on one of my regular trips (September 7th, 21st and October 19th are the other 3 dates I’ll be at White Acres) to answer questions and try and maintain my record in Silver Pools matches. Ask Clint how I’m doing when you are there.

Steve will be down to make a film for Tight Lines (now back on Sky Sports every week, Friday evenings, plus repeats by the way) in the ‘Mercial Masters’ series, where a top anglers shows their approach to a particular fishery. I’m looking forward to working with Steve. He is a genuine class act, very approachable and open with his advice and methods. Not to be missed. I haven’t even thought about being in all that glamorous female company. Much.

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