Arthurs Antics… Two fantastic September Visits to White Acres

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features_antics_photo_headsThat’s it! My Q&A visits to White Acres for 2003 are over. I won’t be back until Spring 2004….but rest assured back I will be! I so enjoy the ‘Q&A’ sessions in the club, and from the feedback so do you. I am currently waiting to set the dates for next year, and you’ll be told as soon as the arrangements are made.

We have some very varied questions, ranging from how to fish a particular peg at White Acres, to the future of fishing, anti angling groups and some quite deep political arguments. Mostly about catching more fish though, and we have often learned from each other, the audience and I.

I honestly believe this has been the best ever year for fishing at White Acres. The fisheries plan developed by the team, under Clint’s guidance, with the expert advice of Roy Marlow, has paid huge dividends. The fish have grown, are in immaculate condition and fight like billy-ho! The water in every lake has had the rich ‘hungry’ colour every time I’ve been down and the new lakes in particular I found superb from a pure match stance.

As I miss Mondays, and therefore the Gold Pool match, I fish as an ‘honorary’ Silver Pooler, only I don’t enter the pools. Clint always tells people I am going to win, so the pressure is really on and I ALWAYS try my hardest, any other way would be patronising to the rest of the field, who fish their socks off.

John Waterworth MD Parkdean (left) watching Rob and Keith weighing

John Waterworth MD Parkdean (left) watching Rob and Keith weighing

The last two visits I’ve been on Manaccan, pegs 12 and 1 and on both occasions I’ve had top weight on the lake, in fact on September 17th my 33lb 6oz was sufficient to take top weight in the entire match. That was from 12, and I had 11lb 6oz of lovely skimmers plus a few carp, fishing red maggot to start, then 4mm cubes of meat over Cornish Baggin Mix, into which I’d added a tin of meat that had been pushed twice through a maggot riddle. I fed Cornish Baggin Pellets in the margins and in the last 90 minutes added about 15lb of carp to 2lb at 2.5m.

On Peg 1 I had 31lb 10oz, and 19lb 5oz was second from peg 18. I benefitted from a corner peg and caught very well late on in the match at 9m against the side bank. Again I used mainly meat, catching very little on maggot, despite feeding it all day. I found that a TINY bit worked best, and when I say tiny, I was cutting a 4mm cube into 3 pieces! I stuck to the size 16 hook to 0.14mm Fluorocarbon hook length though as those carp REALLY pull! I used Green Drennan Carp Bungee and Blue Hydrolastic, so as not to pull out of any skimmers (I had about 6 or 7) and played the carp a bit longer.

At the weigh-in Parkdean’s Managing Director, John Waterworth showed up, with a team of City analysts. John had been down to watch me fish before, but the city types looked a tad out of place. They were impressed by my bag of fish though!

I can assure you that Mr Waterworth is as keen as anyone for the angling facilities and lakes to continue to improve. Parkdean’s only thoughts are for their customers as far as I could tell, and even though the Mighty Arsenal were due to thrash Mr Waterworth’s beloved Magpies of Newcastle two days later, he still warmly shook my hand and wished me well.

Joking aside, with Bodriggy (maybe renamed by then) coming on stream next year, even less of the ‘main’ pegs will be needed, opening more pegs for the leisure anglers. Mind you, the way the fish have packed on weight, there’ll be some 5lbers in Carleon and those in Manaccan will be around 3-4lb. I’ll have to rethink the elastics for 2004.
Clint showed me a trick with the pellets, and it is red hot! Divide the bag into 3 one pint bait boxes and fill to the brim with water. Leave overnight and in the morning you’ll soft pellets, that retain their shape and sink like stones. Any that you don’t use can be saved for pleasure fishing, or the Thursday Rover and used as paste, as long as you give them a good squeeze to completely remove the pellet shape.

I have been adding a teaspoonful per can of a product called MAGNATRACT, ( which is naturally produced betaine, to my luncheon meat, and the fish seem to like it…a LOT! I don’t get a penny for advertising or promoting it, but I thought you may like to know.

The Parkdean Masters (AKA ‘SKOL) Festival is coming right up, and there will be some surprised faces at the form of the ‘new’ lakes I’ll be bound. The competition will be as fierce as ever…after all there is £25,000 at stake in the Final, (Friday October 17th) and plenty of cash during the week of qualifying matches. Unfortunately I have to work on Fridays (they’ve moved Tight Lines) or I’d be having a dip.

Arthur giving a helping hand

Arthur giving a helping hand

I hope you enjoy Newsreel Magazine. It is certainly higher quality than I expected, first class, not only in content (which I knew would be right) but also in presentation. I enjoy the ‘free hand’ I have for my pieces, and just hope you don’t get too keen on fishing some of the places that I do, you may miss some of the great Cornish sport if you do. After all, see one shark/tarpon/marlin, you’ve seen them all. (Yeah, right!)

On that topic (exotic fish) I have a couple of trips to Spain lined up for my first crack at Catfish. The Pat’s Pool residents (at least one ’50’ in there now by the way) are a bit too tough for me, I wouldn’t know what elastic to use for a start, so I’m going to the Ebro. I’m fishing for 3 days one week, as a ‘recce’ then 3 days with the Tight Line cameras the next week. I’ve just been told that a 175lber came out last week…I’m getting worried now.

In fact, I think I better start on the weights, get my shoulders a touch broader. When you see me next year, you’ll be amazed.

Tight lines


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