Bolingey Garbolino Match – June 28th 2019

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Bolingey Garbolino Match
Friday June 28, 2019
Anglers Fished Bolingey

  Name Weight Peg Lake Method
1st Mark Smith 170 lbs 14 oz 14 Bolingey Pellet margin
2nd Pete Upton 147lbs 8oz 8 Bolingey Feeder
3rd Howard Parker 144lbs 16 Bolingey Pellet short
4th Joe Wheeldon 141lbs 10 oz 25 Bolingey  
5th Paul Edwards 139lbs 6oz 1 Bolingey  
6th Ken Portas 139lbs 4oz 33 Bolingey  

Bag Some Prizes

  • A place on Winners’ Week – enjoy a Free 7 night holiday, including a mini festival for all this season’s resident match winners
  • Cash prizes for winners of the Gold Pool, Bronze Pool and rover Match (senior section)
  • An invitation to fish our Preston Innovations Festival
  • Prizes for every angler who weighs in at the Rover Match