Drennan International Junior & Intermediate Festival 2017

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Drennan International

Drennan International

Welcome to the Drennan International Junior & Intermediate festival 2017 results.

The festival has been going a few years now and due to the decline in young people fishing they still have a great time, this year Drennan stepped in and sponsored both events so a massive thank you to Drennan and Gary Barclay for sorting all the prizes out.

Day One

Day one saw the juniors & Intermediates fishing Jennys Lake, the weather was not too bad but the bitter wind didn’t dampen there spirits, the Juniors fished pegs 15 to 22 and it was split into two sections.


A Section pegs 15 to 18 were very close, section winner was Ethan Etherington weighing 45lb from peg 17 and 2nd section was Aaron Brotton with 35lb 06oz from peg 15, B section pegs 19 to 22 winner was Will McCranor from peg 19 with 57lb 10oz and second in the section was Ryan Kennison with 24lb


The Intermediate fish the other end of the lake pegs 3 to 9, section winner was Ben Pope with 80lb 08oz from peg 8 and second in the section was Jake Nightingale with 61lb 08oz from peg 9.

Day Two


And they moved to Acorn Lake for their final day and A section winner from pegs 3 to 9 was Jake Pope with 54lb 04oz from peg 3 and second in the section was Ethan Etherington with 47lb 02oz from peg 5.


And they fished Canal, section winner was Jake Nightingale with 47lb 10oz from peg 16 and second in the section was Ben Pope with 43lb 06oz from peg 19.

Day Three


And the last day they moved to Acorn and section winner was Brad Proctor with 68lb 12oz from peg 16 and second section was Ben Pope with 67lb 14oz

Junior results
Name Points Weight
1st Will McCranor 8 148lb 09oz
2nd Ethan Etherington 7 92lb 02oz
3rd Jake Pope 6 76lb 11oz
4th Ben Paul 5 84lb
5th Billy Pitman 4 69lb 06oz
6th Ryan Kennison 4 48lb 04oz
7th Aaron Brotton 4 45lb 02oz
8th Freddie Bacon 3 52lb

Intermediate results
Name Points Weight
1st Ben Pope 13 191lb 12oz
2nd Jake Nightingale 11 150lb 08oz
3rd Aiden Williams 9 139lb 14oz
4th Brad Proctor 9 130lb 04oz
5th Rebekah Thompson 3 62lb

Just to say a massive thankyou to Drennan International for their support and please follow them Facebook and Twitter

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