Drennan Rive Silverfish Festival 2014

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This weekend we have been very busy here at White Acres as we have hosted the Drennan Rive Silverfish Festival.

Cameron Hughes wins the Drennan Rive Silverfish Festival.

Cameron Hughes wins the Drennan Rive Silverfish Festival.

There are 78 anglers fishing this prestigious invitation only event which includes Drennan team England, Drennan sponsored anglers, members of the press and 20 French anglers including former world champion Didier Dellanoy.

The event is over 2 days and is split into 6-peg sections over 6 lakes Jennys, Pollawyn, Python, Nelsons, Sycamore and Twin Oaks.

Day One
As this is a Silverfish competition no Carp, F1’s or Crucians counted. There was also a 13 metre pole limit and is float only with no pellets allowed. The first day got off to a good start with Cameron Hughes taking the lead on peg 25 Pollawyn with 55lb of Roach and Skimmers which he caught on caster shallow.

Our very own Clint Elliott had 42lb 7oz of Skimmers on peg 15 Python fishing at 5 metres on dead maggot over ground bait. Matt Godfrey took 3rd with 41lb 7oz on Jenny’s 6 on caster and worm.

Section Winners
Name Peg Lake Weight
Cameron Hughes Peg 25 Pollawyn 55lb
Darren Davis Peg 30 Pollawyn 38lb 12oz
Lee Kerry Peg 19 Pollawyn 30lb
Jon Arthur Peg 36 Pollawyn 28lb 9oz
Clint Elliott Peg 15 Python 42lb 7oz
Didier Dellanoy Peg 34 Python 16lb 4oz
Sandra Scotthorne Peg 12 Twin Oaks 31lb 1oz
Neil Mallinson Peg 25 Twin Oaks 14lb 1oz
Matt Godfrey Peg 6 Jenny’s 41lb 7oz
Will Raison Peg 18 Jenny’s 38lb 5oz
Alan Scotthorne Peg 5 Nelsons 36lb 5oz
Glenn Lawrence Peg 12 Nelsons 26lb 9oz
Gary Pook Peg 11 Sycamore 30lb 14oz

Competitor at the Drennan Festival


Competitor at the Drennan Festival

Day Two
Cameron Hughes took 1st place again on day two bagging himself 57lb on Pollawyn peg 26 using the same method as day one fishing caster shallow.

Matt Godfrey came in 2nd on Jenny’s peg 3 with a weight of 44lb 10oz. Neil Mallinson fished top 4 with caster on Twin Oaks 8 and had 42lb 6oz.

Section Winners
Name Peg Lake Weight
Des Shipp Peg 32 Pollawyn 33lb 8oz
Cameron Hughes Peg 26 Pollawyn 56lb 00oz
Tom Scholey Peg 20 Pollawyn 22lb 4oz
Neil Mallinson Peg 8 Twin Oaks 42lb 6oz
Gary Barclay Peg 31 Twin Oaks 16lb 6oz
Andy Dare Peg 13 Python 24lb
Andy Power Peg 34 Python 15lb 4oz
Phil Bardel Peg 2 Nelsons 15lb 6oz
Gary Pook Peg 8 Nelsons 16lb 15oz
Matt Godfrey Peg 3 Jennys 44lb 10oz
Mike Buchwalder Peg 18 Jennys 23lb 4oz
Andy May Peg 5 Sycamore 33lb 2oz
Didier Dellanoy Peg 43 Pollawyn 8lb 13oz

Well done to Cameron Hughes who’s section win on both days secured him 1st overall. Cameron took home a Drennan Rive seat box and a £1,000 cheque.

Matt Godfrey finished in 2nd place and Neil Mallinson took 3rd both also receiving a Drennan Rive box worth £1,100 and cash too. All 78 anglers received £7,000 worth of Drennan Rive tackle shared out between them.

Here are the results for all the 78 competitors

Overall Competition Results
Position Name Points Weight
1st Cameron Hughes 12 112lb 0oz
2nd Matt godfrey 12 86lb 1oz
3rd Neil Mallinson 12 56lb 07oz
4th Gary Pook 12 47lb 13oz
5th Didier Delannoy 12 25lb 01oz
6th Andy May 11 65lb 15oz
7th Lee Kerry 11 61lb 13oz
8th Tom Scholey 11 51lb 06oz
9th Andy Dare 11 44lb 03oz
10th Kian Wardle 10 63lb 04oz
11th Jon Arthur 10 57lb 13oz
12th Glenn Lawrence 10 55lb 01oz
13th Nathan Hughes 10 49lb 08oz
14th Bradley Gibbons 10 39lb 03oz
15th Phil Bardel 10 37lb 04oz
16th Derek Hammond 10 28lb 04oz
17th Darren Davis 9 66lb 06oz
18th William Raison 9 61lb 15oz
19th Sandra Scotthorne 9 54lb 12oz
20th Chris Vandervleit 9 51lb 05oz
21st Alan Scotthorne 9 41lb 05oz
22nd Lee Edwards 9 36lb 15oz
23rd Matt Herbert 9 31lb 02oz
24rth Paul Yates 9 21lb 0z
25th Des Shipp 8 51lb 13oz
26th Paul Loui Lafont 8 51lb 10oz
27th Richard O’Connor 8 48lb 05oz
28th Joe Roberts 8 40lb 08oz
29th Antoine Gavazzi 8 38lb 09oz
30th Lee Klinczuk 8 36lb 04oz
31st Adrian Higginbottom 8 34lb 05oz
32nd Michael Buckwalder 8 29lb 07oz
33rd Xavier Philips 8 28lb 05oz
34th Gary Barclay 8 28lb 0oz
35th Ian Didcote 8 19lb 06oz
36th Nick Speed 7 59lb 02oz
37th Clint Elliott 7 56lb 03oz
38th Baptiste Courtellemont 7 54lb 0oz
39th Pete Marlow 7 47lb 0oz
40th Martin Wickens 7 36lb 03oz
41st Callum Dicks 7 32lb 07oz
42nd Andy Power 7 30lb 10oz
43rd Olivier Fefrocourt 7 29lb 11oz
44th Dan Varney 7 26lb 0oz
45th Steve Waters 7 25lb 05oz
46th Ed Warren 7 24lb 01oz
47th Manuel Gouilleux 7 15lb 05oz
48th Wayne Swinscoe 6 36lb 0oz
49th Tony Hobbs 6 32lb 11oz
50th Steve Wroe 6 31lb 8oz
51st John Shelland 6 16lb 12oz
52nd Aaron Wells 6 16lb 01oz
53rd Thierry Huet 6 14lb 06oz
54th Johan Kouxmina 6 12lb 10oz
55th Pascal Valente 5 45lb 02oz
56th Stewart Conroy 5 33lb 04oz
57th Paolo Valore 5 29lb 04oz
58th Tony Troth 5 25lb 14oz
59th Steve Townsend 5 24lb 0oz
60th Paul Glenfield 4 35lb 01oz
61st Christoph Garcia 4 24lb 05oz
62nd Romain Foratier 4 22lb 15oz
63rd Nicholas Thorillon 4 21lb 14oz
64th Lionel Boulle 4 19lb 12oz
65th Lucie Parise 4 18lb 14oz
66th Martin Kirk 4 9lb 08oz
67th Andy Renton 4 4lb 13oz
68th Eddy Brydon 3 33lb 08oz
69th Mikael Laprade 3 25lb 11oz
70th Phillipe Landrieux 3 23lb 13oz
71st Nick Moss 3 23lb 13oz
72nd Brunio Leclerq 3 21lb 13oz
73rd Brad Titmus 3 19lb 01oz
74th Pascal Champy 3 15lb 05oz
75th Martin Phipps 3 7lb 15oz
76th John Beesley 2 18lb 01oz
77th Carl Elland 2 16lb 13oz
78th Roger Marlow 2 7lb 06oz

On behalf of White Acres and the Fisheries team I would like to say a massive thank you to Drennan International and Rive for sponsoring this event and for all your hard work.

Tight Lines!