Encyclopedia of Fish

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Lots of information about the freshwater fish that can be found in our lakes with advice on their preferred living conditions, habitat and diet.

Fish that can be found in the lakes at White Acres…

Pleasure Lakes: A: Jennys, B: Python, C: Pollawyn, D: Sycamore, E: Eery, F: Trelawney, G: Canal, H: Acorn, I: Twin Oaks Lakes
Specimen Lakes: 1: Nelsons, 2: Pats Pool
A B C D E F G H I 1 2
Pegs 52 37 55 22 14 32 20 19 36 24 22
F1 Carp
Brown Goldfish
Mirror Carp
Common Carp
Ghost Carp
Grass Carp
Wheelchair Friendly Pegs 2 3 3

Pictures of each species allow for easy identification, so getting started has never been easier!

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