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When it comes to a family holiday the Worthington-Walls families have just one place in mind – White Acres Holiday Park. For the past ten years they have travelled down to the park to bring the two families together…

Where are you from?
We are from Liverpool and Bolton, White Acres brings the family together.

Please list the family members and what type of fishing they enjoy (pleasure/match/specimen)
John Worthington – enjoys match and pleasure fishing
Sally Walls – enjoys match and pleasure fishing
Jamie Worthington, age 15 – enjoys match and pleasure fishing.
Daniel Walls, age 12– enjoys match and pleasure fishing
Natasha Tasker, age 16 (cousin) – enjoys match and pleasure fishing
Emily Binge, age 12 (cousin) – Fishing Spectator!

How long are you staying at White Acres (holiday duration)?
This Easter, we stayed in a log cabin on Jenny’s lake for 8 nights, and we are looking forward to a fortnight in August.

How long have you been coming to White Acres
• Do you come at the same time every year?
• How many times a year do you visit?
We have been coming to White Acres for over 10 years, every Easter and every summer, without a miss, with the occasional break in October half term, which is roughly the same time every year.

What keeps you coming back?
The Kids! – They LOVE IT!
Daniel calls it home and we all know it as our second home.
Why do the kids love it so much? – They have the freedom of the whole site to wander about on, which we have the piece of mind of knowing that they are safe. There is never a dull moment as if they are not fishing on site; they are enjoying the attractions of Cornwall’s Coast Line.

This is a typical day for the kids:

Breakfast at First Bite! – Always freshly prepared and delicious.

Followed by an outing to either the beach, crealy’s, crabbing at Padstow, the Camel Trail bike ride, horse riding, mackerel fishing, quad biking, paintballing or surfing.

We even managed a banana boat ride last year in the Camel Estuary!

Followed by an afternoon of pleasure fishing back on site at White Acres, usually on Jenny’s or Acorn. Tea is cooked in the Log Cabin, on the balcony if the weather permits the BBQ is out! Overlooking Jenny’s lake it’s idyllic.

After tea it is down to the swing park on site or a game of football as they meet up with friends that they have met.
Then the evening ends in the club, where they spend our money firing it into slot machines, playing games and meeting up with friends. We often get challenged to a game of bowling!
We (John and Sally) enjoy a pint or three in the Polkerris bar and wait for the kids coming back and forward with toys they have won from the grabbers!

Why do we keep bringing the kids back? – We are not sure as the action packed holiday leaves us exhausted, but we love the site too, the fishing, the area, the scenery and meeting up with other families. Our children have been coming since the age of 4 and have grown with the site and still love it.

Our interest in White Acres continues all year around as we keep an eye on the weekly match results and features on News Reel. Our family photo gallery of our best and biggest carp are displayed at home.

Does the whole family fish, if so do you fish together?
Apart from Emily, our number one fishing spectator, the whole family fishes and fishes the matches. John enters the Gold Match and Rover, Jamie, Daniel, Natasha and Sally enter the Silver Match and the Rover. Jamie and Daniel are in the juniors, Sally and Natasha in the ladies and John in the Men’s on the Thursday Rover.

When we are pleasure fishing. We usually fish together on either Acorn or Jenny’s, on matches we all head off to our chosen lake. During the evening you will find Dan and Jamie fishing with bread or dog biscuits on Sycamore.

We also love the visit to Bolingey – not to be missed. Jamie, Dan and Natasha spend the day pulling out massive carp.

What lakes do you like fishing the most (and why)?
Over the years we have fished all the lakes for lots of different reasons. John enjoys Pollawyn, for feeder fishing.

Jamie loves Acorn, as this style suits him and he usually chooses this in a match.

Daniel’s favourite lake is Jenny’s, as he likes getting lots of bites and enjoys the anticipation of hooking a big carp.

Sally’s favourite lake is the canal, as she loves catching lot of fish all day long, but she also loves the tranquillity of the lake as no-one else seems to fish it!

Have the kids had any junior angling tuition at White Acres (if so, would you recommend it to other younger anglers)?
No, we haven’t had any junior tuition; John has taught us all and has been very patient!

What kind of accommodation do you usually stay in (and why) – have you stayed in one of the brand new caravans or refurbished lodges?
I think we have tried most of them. At Easter we always stay in a log cabin, which is our favourite accommodation. We like its position on Jenny’s lake and it is very comfortable and well equipped.
During our summer visit, we stay in a caravan, as the cabins are a bit expensive for us. Although not quite the luxury of the log cabins, the caravans are also very well equipped.

Have you eaten in the new Polkerris Bar & Grill? What do you think of its new look?
We haven’t yet eaten in the new Bar and Grill. We have had a takeaway Pizza, which was freshly baked and first class – would recommend! In the past we have eat at Marco’s once a holiday.
However we spend every evening in the Polkerris bar, having a pint after a thrilling day. The new look bar is fantastic, 100% improvement; it gives a relaxed look and has brought it in line with today’s world. We like all the different kinds of seating, much more comfortable and relaxing venue in which we enjoy sharing fishing stories with fellow holiday makers.

Is there any thing other than fishing you do on the park/which other facilities do you use?
We have made use of the swimming pool on the park and enjoyed the
Water slide.

Have you had a go at archery, laser clay pigeon shooting or laser combat during (any favourites/comments?)
No we haven’t used these facilities.

If other families where visiting White Acres for the first time, what are the top five places you would recommend visiting?
There is more to Cornwall than just fabulous scenery and beautiful beaches; we recommend these top 5 places.
1. Crealy’s Adventure Park – the family will love it and is suitable for all ages.
2. Camel Trail – Hire a bike and cycle from Wadebridge to Padstow, enjoy the picturesque town and harbour of Padstow, with Rick Steins Fish and Chips and cycle back along the Camel Estuary to Wadebridge. Bikes available for all ages.
3. St. Ives – A picturesque town with plenty to see and do. Many sandy beaches, a great harbour, up market restaurants and coffee bars, shops, boat trips and much more.
4. Fistral Beach, Newquay – Have a great day body boarding on the bay, whatever the weather or simple a paddle along the shore. Fistral beach also has fantastic amenities.
5. Horse riding at Trenance Gardens. – An exhilarating trot along the estuary. Suitable for beginners and experienced riders. Or send the children on their own and adults enjoy the hour’s piece in the lovely lakeside café bar.

We must mention that the best Cornish pasty is from the Bakery in Portreath!

What have been your most memorable match and/or event at White Acres?
Sally’s most memorable match has to be without doubt this one!
It was the Rover Match on Thursday 28th July 2005. I chose to fish on Acorn, whilst John was on Nelsons (now a specimen pool.) I caught steadily all day and weighed in at 166lb 08oz, coming second overall! I had no idea that I had done so well and the most memorable part of the match was when Clint came down to weigh in. I asked him to lift my net out of the water and I still picture the look of surprise on his face as he struggled to pull it from the water…………..I’m sure he thought, a lady, her is an easy weigh in! I was so excited and was dancing up and down on the bank.
Well, I was so chuffed to come second and the feeling of beating all the male anglers was fantastic. We certainly enjoyed the evening in the bar that night, (from what I remember!) I felt and was treated like a celebrity. Even now I still have other anglers coming up to me as though I know everything about fishing – I only ever fish at White Acres. I have to thank John for all he has taught me and for making all my rigs!
My only regret on that day was ‘Why didn’t I pay my pools’

What are your best results and personal records?
Sally – 166lb 08oz fishing Acorn on the Rover. Coming 2nd Overall.
Sally has 12 first ladies trophies and 2 seconds.
She has also had two section wins on silver matches.

Daniel – 34lb fishing Jenny’s on the Rover
This was Daniel’s first trophy, coming second in the junior section. He was pipped by 12oz.

John – Rover match finishing third, fishing on Pollawyn. Numerous Gold Section wins. Not making any excuses, but usually on Rover day, I have to prepare five lots of rigs, bait, keep nets, poles, rods, boxes etc etc (and usually on five different lakes!) However my reward is the success the family have achieved in match fishing over the years.

Jamie- Best weight on the Junior Rover 42lb 10oz fishing Acorn and finishing first.
Silver Match – One section win on the Silver match.

Natasha – Best weight 13lb. Natasha has been a fishing spectator over the years, but has now fished her first two matches. This year she was third on the ladies Rover.

Have you ever though of becoming an owner at White Acres?
It would be our dream to own our own caravan, especially a lodge on Trelawney! Living in the North, we feel it is just a bit too far for us to make use if it at weekends. If we lived near Bristol or South we would have been the first owners on the park!
White Acres is no ordinary caravan park; the whole park is spacious and beautiful.

How do you think White Acres has changed over the past few years?
The obvious change in the site is that it has become much bigger and has lost its personnel touch. Although the addition of the owner’s caravans has improved the look of the site, it was a shame to do away with the touring park, losing our camping friends!
Other facilities have improved, including the First Bite Café, the tackle shop and the new Polkerris Bar.

The fishing at White Acres is still and has always been good. The familiar and friendly faces in the tackle shop keep the consistency going and we love their friendship and advice. Matches are well organised and in a very friendly manner. The lakes are kept in good order and generally well stocked. The fishery team coped really well with recent fishing problems and looks to be getting back to its best.

Do you have any comments/suggestions for us to work on?
1. A new bar down by the lakes, near First Bite with decking to sit outside. Not everyone brings their children and this could be a very popular adult only bar for the quieter drink in an idyllic position.
2. Improving paths, particularly on Acorn and Twin Oaks and also the car park on the new lakes.
3. Challenging people who leave litter on pegs by more of a presence from the Fishery Team on the lakes. Although this is picked up every morning, it can be unsightly when you walk around in the evening.
4. We would welcome benches positioned around the lakes – we often enjoy just strolling around the lakes in the evening, but there is no-where to site to enjoy the evening sun!
5. Open air swimming pool for families to use.

If you have anything to add or a testimonial from each of you that would be great.
I asked each family member why they loved White Acres and this was the response:

Daniel, age 12 –
“I love White Acres because of the fishing, the club at night and the friends I make. I like the staff in the tackle lodge, as they know my name and make me laugh – I would love to work there one day”

Sally –
“I love White Acres because I love watching the family having such quality time together. It brings us altogether and I love the laughs, the smiles and most of all the friendships we have made over the years. The memories our children will have in years to come will never be re-placed. White Acres plays a special part in our lives”

John –
“I love White Acres because time in Cornwall and White Acres, represents time away from work and chores of everyday life. White Acres is not always the most relaxing of destinations, but as a family we are doing something we love and doing it together”

Jamie, age 15 –

“I love White Acres because through going for so many years, it feels like home to me. I love the fishing because I love catching big carp. I also love the evening, as you meet loads of new mates”

From Sally:
Fishing is generally thought as as a male sport. However at White Acres more and more women are learning to enjoy fishing. And why not? – Fishing is a sport of agility, finesse and patience, skills many women already possess. At White Acres, what ever your age or sex, it really doesn’t matter so I encourage all women who sit and watch to join in. The joy it brings when you have a fish on the end of your line is amazing.