Garbolino Spring Classic 2017 – Day One

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Welcome to the Garbolino Spring Classic and this year we have 70 anglers fishing the four day festival that is split across Pollawyn and Trewaters. Garbolino have once again pledged their support by sponsoring the event to provide prizes for the winners as well as their cash pay out.

The festival is fished on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

It has been a changeable weather leading up to the festival with all the lakes suffering from spawning fish last week and the first days weather has got us off to a wet start, let’s hope it picks up for the rest of the week.

Day One

‘A’ Section Pollawyn High Bank

Day one lake winner was Barry Garrish from peg 25, Gary weighed in with 59lb 12oz catching on the method feeder with 6mm pellet. Second on the day was Dave Phillips with 57lb 06oz from peg 45, Dave fished the pellet feeder with 6mm pellets into the reeds and third on the day was Johnathon Smith from peg 18 with 50lb 08oz catching on the method feeder with 8mm pellet

Section Winners
Name Peg Points Weight
Mal Runacres peg 17 3 points 45lb 02oz
Barry Garrish peg 25 3 points 59lb 12oz
Russell peck peg 27 3 points 23lb 02oz
Trevor Stanley peg 30 3 points 21lb 08oz
Dave Phillips peg 45 3 points 57lb 06oz
Robert Easterling peg 22 3 points 33lb 02oz
‘B’ Section Trewaters 19 – 36

First on Trewaters top lake was Brad Hancock with 76lb 14oz from peg 33, second on the lake was Francis O’Reilly with 52lb 06oz from peg 22 and third was Simon Gould with 48lb 14oz from peg 26

Section Winners
Name Peg Points Weight
Francis O’Reilly peg 22 3 points 52lb 06oz
Vincent Bonnic peg 24 3 points 14lb 06oz
Simon Gould peg 26 3 points 48lb 14oz
Andrew Heath peg 29 3 points 36lb 01oz
Brad Hancock peg 33 3 points 76lb 14oz
Stewart Richards peg 36 3 points 30lb
‘C’ Section Pollawyn Arms

First on the lake was Sean Berry from peg 48 with 36lb 08oz fishing the long pole with meat, second was Nigel Kendrick with 36lb 07oz from peg 21 catching on the pellet feeder with bandums and third was Tony Oatley from peg 10 with 34lb

Section Winners
Name Peg Points Weight
Justin Hunt peg 1 3 points 7lb 09oz
Tony Oatley peg 10 3 points 34lb
Karl Rogers peg 13 3 points 13lb 02oz
Darren Webster peg 38 3 points 19lb 02oz
Nigel Kendrick peg 21 3 points 36lb 07oz
Sean Berry peg 48 3 points 36lb 08oz
‘D’ Section Trewaters 37 – 54

First on the lake was Adrian Clarke with 63lb 02oz from peg 47, second on the lake was Paul Deighan with 50lb 03oz from peg 43 and third was John Barnes with 45lb 03oz.

Section Winners
Name Peg Points Weight
Howard Parker peg 38 3 points 23lb 11oz
John Barnes peg 40 3 points 45lb 03oz
Paul Deighan peg 43 3 points 50lb 03oz
Adrian Clarke peg 47 3 points 63lb 02oz
Mark Rees peg 49 3 points 33lb 08oz
Kevin Howard peg 53 3 points 35lb 10oz
Top Ten
Position Name Points Weight
1st Brad Hancock 3 points 76lb 14oz
2nd Adrian Clarke 3 points 63lb 02oz
3rd Barry Garrish 3 points 59lb 12oz
4th Dave Phillips 3 points 57lb 06oz
5th Francis O’Reilly 3 points 52lb 06oz
6th Paul Deighan 3 points 50lb 03oz
7th Simon Gould 3 points 48lb 14oz
8th John Barnes 3 points 45lb 03oz
9th Mal Runacres 3 points 45lb 02oz
10th Sean Berry 3 points 36lb 08oz