General Fishing Rules and Information

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White Acres Pleasure Fishing Rules

● No keepnets to be used on any lakes at any time other than organised White Acres matches.
● Fishing permits must be purchased prior to fishing. If money is collected on the bank you will be charged double.
● Please fish on platforms or stoned area provided. Fishing between pegs is not permitted.
● No reserving pegs by leaving tackle in a swim. Any tackle found unattended will be removed by The Fisheries Team after ½ hour.
● Two rods are permitted on the pleasure lakes but only if one is a float rod and the other is a ledger rod.
● No fly fishing.
● Method feeders may be used, but must be free running to a bead. A minimum hook length of four inches may be used with this method.
● All leads and feeders must be free running to a bead.
● Please fish in front of you.
● BARBLESS HOOKS only (no exceptions), maximum size 8.No floating the pole, fishingthe rattler or tapping thewater or any similar devices.No braided line on reels.
● NO CAT MEAT OR TROUT PELLET and only 1 kilo ofCARP pellet per session.
● No bivvying up on the pleasure lakes.
● Please don’t damage trees or shrubs. Treat other anglers with respect.

Any problems regarding the fish or the fishery are to be reported to The Fisheries Team. The Fisheries Team reserve the right to add or alter these rules without prior notice, and to close any lakes as required for matches, festivals or environmental benefits without prior notice.

During the low season and festival weeks The Fisheries Team reserves the right to cancel matches, change match days, or combine matches without prior notice.

Please remove all litter from the lake and use the bins that are provided by The Fishing Lodge or the First Bite Café. Please enjoy the environment.

Dog walking around the lakes is not permitted between the hours of 10.00am and 4.00pm. Dogs must be kept on leads at all times and it is your responsibility to clean up after your dog. Anyone found not doing so may be asked to leave the park

White Acres Competition Fishing Rules

White Acres Match Rules for Gold, Bronze & Rover Residents’ Matches

● Anglers must purchase a weekly fishing permit to fish one of our resident matches
● These rules apply to all matches held at White Acres.
● By entering a match at White Acres you agree to abide by these rules. If you are found to have broken any of these rules, you will forfeit your place on the match and will not be permitted to continue in the match.Your match entry fees will not be returned to you.
● We reserve the right to amend/add to these rules at any time without prior notice.
● These rules are in place to ensure the smooth running of the match and to make the match an enjoyable experience for everyone who is taking part or spectating. If you are in any doubt about any of the rules, or have
any questions, please ask a member of our Fisheries Team who are always happy to help.

Permitted Baits
Your bait allowance is eight pints made up of carp/coarse pellets, combined maggots and casters, meat, corn and hemp. You cannot have more than four pints of combined maggots and casters, meat, corn and hemp. You can have eight pints of pellet but you are then not allowed any other bait with you, other than from the additional bait list.

Additional Baits
● A maximum of 1 kilo of worms.
● A maximum of 2 kilos of groundbait (including your paste).
● A maximum of half a loaf of bread.
● One small tub of mini boilies up to 10mm.

All of the above bait allowances refer to the amount of bait that you are allowed to take to the lake/your peg. Surface/floating baits are not permitted and no balling in. You may catapult or throw small walnut sized balls. Please do not abuse this rule.

If you are found with more bait than the allowance listed here, or do not comply with the other requirements set out here relating to your bait, you are breaking White Acres rules and your place on the match will be forfeited and entry fees will not be returned.

Other Rules
1. All anglers must be in possession of a current Environment Agency rod licence.
There is now a 60lb weight limit per net. Anything over 60lb in the net will not count. Two keepnets are required
on all matches and three are desired but not essential. Just please bear in mind the 60lb limit. No rocks or
stones in your keepnets.
3. The floating method, candle or feeder floats or any adaptation of these methods are banned. A minimum hook length of four inches can be used on a method feeder/bomb.
4. All feeders and bombs must be free running to a bead.
5. No buoyant topped wagglers/splashers or any adaptation of these methods. The maximum width of a waggler is 3/8 of an inch. NO UNDER SHOTTING.
6. No floating the pole, the rattler, cupping water or tapping the water. When fishing the pole you must use
a pole rig with a correctly shotted float. The tip of your float must be a minimum of eight inches from your connector or elastic. NO OVER SHOTTING.
7. No using a second pole to feed whilst fishing.
8. No pole cups must pass over the water before the start of the match.
9. Barbless hooks only, maximum size 12. No braided line to be used (main
line or hook length).
10. 16 metre pole limit.
11. Anyone found discarding their old bait into the lake or around their peg will be disqualified.

Conduct During the Matches
We expect all competitors in matches to behave appropriately during matches and, in particular, to respect other competitors and not to engage in behaviour that is offensive, disruptive or likely to cause harm to other competitors, visitors and spectators or staff at White Acres, or cause harm to property. If The Fisheries Team, or any other member of the staff at White Acres feels your behaviour is offensive, disruptive, illegal or likely to cause harm as set out above, you will be required to forfeit the match and not take any further part in it, and your entry fees will not be refunded. In the event of a dispute concerning these rules or conduct during the match, the decision of The Fisheries Team is final.

If you are staying in a privately owned accommodation or are a holiday home owner and win one of our matches, you are not entitled to the free holiday. You will be invited back to winners’ week but you will have to pay £99 for your week’s accommodation should you wish to take up the offer and fish the mini-festival.

Please Note:
White Acres is unable to hire out keepnets. The Fisheries Team reserve the right to close any lakes as required for matches, festivals and/or environmental benefits without prior notice. During low season and festival weeks The Fisheries Team reserves the right to cancel matches, change match days and/or combine matches without prior notice.

White Acres Specimen Fishing Rules

1. Anglers must be in possession of a weekly fishing permit to fish our specimen lakes.
2. Large unhooking mats and a minimum of a 42” landing net are compulsory on the specimen lakes. A bucket of water must be kept next to your unhooking mat to wet your mat before you place any fish on it for unhooking. If fishing for Catfish you must use an appropriately sized mat/net/weigh sling.
3. Please do not lift any fish from the water until you have wet your unhooking mat and have your weigh sling and scales ready, so that the fish is out of the water for the shortest period of time possible. All fish must be returned to the water in your weigh sling after weighing.
4. When photographing your fish you must be knelt down over your unhooking mat. AT NO POINT SHOULD YOU BE STOOD UP HOLDING YOUR FISH.
5. No retaining fish in sacks or keepnets at any time, day or night.
6. All rigs must be safe so that the fish can get rid of the lead should your line break. All rigs must have a
minimum of 18” of anti-tangle tubing or something similar (a safe zoneeader). NO FIXED RIGS. PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL RIGS ARE SAFE – IF IN DOUBT PLEASE ASK A MEMBER OF THE FISHERIES TEAM.
7. Barbless hooks to be used at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS. Micro barbed and pinched barbed are not accepted. NO TREBLES. Maximum size 4, minimum size 10 (up to size 2 can be used for Catfish only). No bent hook rigs or beach caster method to be used: no circle or eagle claw hooks to be used for Catfish.
8. Minimum line strength of 12lb to be used. No pole or feeder fishing at any time. Minimum 15lb to be used when
fishing for Catfish. NO BRAIDED MAIN LINE.
9. Rods with a minimum of a 2.5lb test curve must be used. You may only use a maximum of three rods at any one
time. No rods to be left in the water unattended at any time.
10. Bait boats are permitted provided they are used sensibly.
11. No heavy baiting. No nuts, peas or beans. No live baiting or dead baiting. Plugs and spinners are not allowed to be used.
12. No reserving pegs by leaving tackle or bivvys in the swim. If tackle is left unattended it will be removed after one hour by The Fisheries Team.
13. NO LITTER TO BE LEFT IN YOUR SWIM OR AT THE LAKE WHATSOEVER. Do not discard your old bait into the lake or around your peg as this encourages vermin and can contribute to poor water quality.
14. Any damage to the fish or the fishery must be reported to a member of The Fisheries Team.
15. Please do not damage any trees or shrubs.
16. All anglers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult if night fishing.
17. An independent angler must witness Carp or Catfish of the Week (not family).
18. No responsibility will be accepted for loss, theft or damage to any fishing tackle/equipment.
19. All aspects of the rules are at the sole discretion of The Fisheries Team.
20. Please use anti-septic/Carp care treatment for hook and small injuries.
21. Please respect the environment and take your rubbish with you.

Specimen Anglers
Carp of the Week Senior/Ladies/Junior sections. Catfish of the Week. All fish to be independently witnessed (not by family). One entry per angler. All entries Carp/Catfish of the Week to be in by 1.00pm Thursday