Gold Bronze and Residents W/C 18th May

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Residents Rover Match
Thursday 21st May 2015
93 Anglers Fished all waters
Name Weight Team Peg Lake Method
1st Andy Spencer 136lb Chester Tackle Peg 22 Trelawney Bomb & Pellet
2nd Barry Smith 111lb 09oz Harrys Fishing Tackle Peg 29 Trelawney Method Feeder
3rd Tony Eustace 92lb 04oz Ockenden Bait & Tackle Peg 17 Jennys Pellet Feeder
4th Nick Collier 88lb 10oz White Acres Peg 30 Trelawney 6 Meters With Worm & Caster
5th Shane Lethaby 84lb 10oz Frys Peg 38 Pollawyn Long Pole With Pellet
6th Andy Allen 78lb 04oz Makins Fishery Peg 33 Pollawyn Bomb & Pellet
Ladies Betty Wadhams 37lb 02oz Peg 5 Eery

Bronze Residents Match
Wednesday 20th May 2015
37 Anglers Fished Trelawney and Acorn
Name Weight Team Peg Lake Method
1st Alan Stevens 68lb 14oz Oakwood Angling Peg 24 Trelawney Top 4 with paste & corn
2nd Gary Milne 62lb 02oz Blattbridge Tackle and Bait Peg 29 Trelawney Long pole shallow with pellet
3rd John Bishop 48lb 08oz Holbeach A.C. Peg 3 Acorn Pole @ 6 meters with corn
4th Billy Bishop 45lb 12oz Holbeach A.C. Peg 2 Acorn Method feeder with meat
5th Gary Melling 44lb 12oz Harry's Tackle Wigan Peg 13 Acorn Short pole with meat
6th Irvin Melling 39lb 01oz Harrys Tackle Wigan Peg 25 Trelawney Meat @ 6 meters

Residents Gold Match
Monday 18th May 2015
47 Anglers Fished Trelawney Acorn and Canal
Name Weight Team Peg Lake Method
1st Andy Allen 67lb 03oz Makins Fishery Peg 20 Trelawney Bomb pellet & long pole
2nd Wayne Heywood 58lb 14oz Rivendell Peg 15 Trelawney Short pole with pellet & paste
3rd Alex Cockburn 52lb 05oz Brunswick Brothers Peg 13 Acorn Pellet feeder & bomb
4th Robert Rimmington 50lb 08oz Rivendell Peg 11 Trelawney Pole with meat & paste
5th Andy North 48lb 08oz Maver Gold / Old Ghost Peg 10 Trelawney Pellet feeder
6th Jeff Thorpe 45lb 06oz Peg One Angling Peg 9 Acorn Pole with pellet