Gold Bronze and Residents W/C 1st June

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Residents Rover Match
Thursday 4th June 2015
107 Anglers Fished all waters
Name Weight Team Peg Lake Method
1st Kevin Penfold 128lb 07oz Border Match Angling Peg 30 Twin Oaks Pellet Feeder & Bomb & Pellet
2nd Sean Buttler 126lb 14oz Notts A.A. Peg 45 Pollawyn Pellet Shallow
3rd Brett Nicholas 124lb 14oz White Acres Peg 6 Twin Oaks Pellet Feeder
4th Ian Hughes 105lb 13oz Eggy Ferry Peg 18 Acorn 5mtr Pole 8mm Pellet
5th Tony Heffernan 105lb 10oz St Helens Peg 9 Twin Oaks Bomb & Pellet
6th Roy Penkethman 104lb 10oz Bovington Lakes A.C. Peg 14 Twin Oaks Method Feeder
Ladies Channy Regan 55lb 11oz Peg 26 Twin Oaks


Bronze Residents Match
Wednesday 3rd June 2015
65 Anglers Fished Twin Oaks, Trelawney & Acorn
Name Weight Team Peg Lake Method
1st Les Gates 123lb 05oz Castleford Peg 17 Twin Oaks Method Feeder With 6mm Pellet
2nd Neil Adcock 88lb 05oz Blue Circle Peg 15 Twin Oaks Bomb & Pellet
3rd Shane Harper 76lb 06oz Town Parks Peg 13 Acorn Worm & Groundbait Down The Margins
4th Paul Kayle 71lb 06oz Haywood Tyler Peg 32 Trelawney Long Pole With 6mm Pellets
5th Colin Reade 71lb 01oz Edgeley Sports A.C. Peg 20 Twin Oaks Corn Over Pellet In He Margins
6th Steve Lindell 60lb 08oz Blue Circle Peg 16 Acorn Long Pole With Paste


Residents Gold Match
Monday 1st June 2015

Name Weight Team Peg Lake Method
1st Frank Hayhurst 132lb Complete Angler Peg 16 Twin Oaks Method Feeder With Pellet
2nd Daz Newman 94lb 08oz Leegem A.C. Peg 17 Trelawney Bomb & Meat
3rd Ian Fisk 88lb 03oz Complete Angler Peg 13 Twin Oaks Pellet Waggler & Method Feeder
4th Kevin Penfold 75lb 14oz Border Match Angling Peg 15 Twin Oaks Bomb & Pellet Feeder
5th Roy Penkethman 73lb 08oz Bovington Lakes A.C. Peg 25 Trelawney Pellet Feeder
6th Martin Holmes 70lb 08oz Burt Baits Peg 30 Twin Oaks Method Feeder & Meat Short