Gold, Bronze and Residents W/C 1st May 2017

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Residents Rover Match
Thursday May 04, 2017
81 Anglers Fished All Waters
Open to all anglers with sections for Ladies and Juniors.

  Name Weight Team Peg Lake Method
1st Dave Wells 142lb 08oz Tricast Rochdale 27 Trelawney Short pole and margins with meat
2nd Dean Kendall 130lb 02oz Barnoldswick 13 Acorn Margins with meat & corn
3rd Keith Bailey 108lb 10oz E.P.A.C 16 Twin Oaks Chop worm in the margins & meat at 2+2
4th Neil Hurst 106lb 02oz Ackworth Angling 19 Pollawyn Pellet feeder
5th Andy Jackson 105lb 08oz Rocklands A.C. 18 Twin Oaks Top 4 with corn
6th Ellis Leigh 105lb 05oz Leigh Tackle And Bait 36 Twin Oaks Margins with worm & caster

Bronze Residents Rover Match
Wednesday May 03, 2017
34 Anglers Fished Twin Oaks and Acorn
Open to anglers who have never won a 30+ pegged open match and aren’t sponsored

  Name Weight Team Peg Lake Method
1st Ryan McKinley 97lb 07oz Burnley 20 Twin Oaks Margins with meat
2nd Ellis Leigh 80lb 06oz Leigh Tackle & Bait 7 Acorn Pellet shallow at 13 meters
3rd Anthony Taylor 75lb 12oz Alans Tackle 16 Twin Oaks Bomb & 8mm pellet
4th Stuart Davison 68lb 11oz White Acres 11 Acorn Pellet feeder
5th Russell Palmer 58lb 08oz Glamorgan Angling 23 Twin Oaks Bomb & pellet
6th Paul Pannett 52lb 12oz South Manchester 15 Acorn Meat in the margins

Gold Residents Rover Match
Monday May 01, 2017
43 Anglers Fished Twin Oaks and Trelawney
Open to anglers who regularly fish open matches and/or are sponsored

  Name Weight Team Peg Lake Method
1st Brett Nicholas 103lb White Acres 15 Twin Oaks Pellet on the short pole
2nd Andy Lord 85lb 10oz Mack Tackle 13 Twin Oaks Margins with meat
3rd Jeff Robertshaw 83lb 08oz Leicester Gas A.C. 11 Twin Oaks 6 meters on the pole with corn & pellet
4th Steve Beard 79lb 04oz Stratford Fishing 20 Twin Oaks Method & bomb with 8mm pellets
5th Keith Bailey 66lb 05oz E.P.A.C. 25 Trelawney Pellet at 2 + 2
6th Ivan Lord 63lb White Acres 26 Twin Oaks Pellet feeder

Bag Some Prizes

  • A place on Winners’ Week – enjoy a Free 7 night holiday, including a mini festival for all this season’s resident match winners
  • Cash prizes for winners of the Gold Pool, Bronze Pool and rover Match (senior section)
  • An invitation to fish our Preston Innovations Festival
  • Prizes for every angler who weighs in at the Rover Match