Gold Bronze and Residents W/C 25th May

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Residents Rover Match
Thursday 28th May 2015
90 Anglers Fished all waters
Name Weight Team Peg Lake Method
1st Mac Cox 151lb 05oz Firey Holes A.C. Peg 15 Twin Oaks 9 Meter Pole With 8mm Pellet
2nd Andy Turner 130lb 13oz Alfreton A.C. Peg 27 Twin Oaks Pellet Feeder
3rd Alex Murray 98lb 04oz Team Mosella Peg 23 Pollawyn Long Pole With Pellet Shallow
4th Simon Watson 85lb 10oz Summerhayes Fishery Peg 5 Twin Oaks Pellet Feeder
5th Bradley Hancock 85lb 05oz Worsop Juniors Peg 30 Trelawney Long Pole With Pellet Shallow
6th Darol Newman 79lb 11oz Leegem A.C. Peg 14 Acorn Paste On The Pole
Ladies Angela Mavers 16lb 04oz Peg 17 Jennys
Juniors Charlie Hook 45lb 04oz Peg 14 Canal

Bronze Residents Match
Wednesday 27th May 2015
41 Anglers Fished Twin Oaks and Trelawney
Name Weight Team Peg Lake Method
1st Jimmy Davies 103lb 03oz Rotherham Peg 16 Twin Oaks Long Pole With Worm Shallow
2nd Neil Dimmick 58lb 12oz Team Trentside Peg 23 Twin Oaks Pellet Feeder
3rd Richard Ellison 56lb 09oz Burt Baits Peg 18 Twin Oaks Pellet Feeder
4th Ian Jones 55lb 03oz I.W.F.A.C. Peg 8 Twin Oaks Long Pole With 6mm Pellets
5th James Constable 54lb 05oz JMC Joinery Peg 2 Trelawney Pellet Feeder
6th Barry Woodhead 48lb 09oz Burt Baits Peg 12 Trelawney Long Pole With Paste

Residents Gold Match
Monday 25th May 2015
37 Anglers Fished Trelawney and Acorn
Name Weight Team Peg Lake Method
1st Mark Stainsby 133lb 13oz Barnsley Bait Company Peg 16 Twin Oaks Pole At 9 Meters With Pellet
2nd Bradley Hancock 114lb 10oz Worksop Juniors Peg 16 Twin Oaks Pellet Waggler & Top Kit + 2 With Meat
3rd Paul Wheeler 103lb 14oz W.U.L.A.C. Peg 18 Twin Oaks Long Pole Shallow & Pellet Waggler
4th Trev Lynn 60lb 02oz Peg 17 Twin Oaks
5th Bob Brown 59lb 03oz Broadacres Peg 14 Twin Oaks Top 3 Kit With Worm
6th Kieran Barnes 50lb 09oz Burt Baits Peg 29 Twin Oaks Pellet Waggler