Gold Bronze and Residents W/C 8th June

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Residents Rover Match
Thursday 11th June 2015
52 Anglers Fished all waters
Name Weight Team Peg Lake Method
1st Mark Buckley 88lb 06oz Stoke On Trent Peg 11 Acorn Pellet Waggler
2nd Rob Hotstone 84lb C.D.A.S. Peg 4 Eery Pellet Feeder To The Island
3rd Dave Pocock 77lb 12oz Godalming Peg 29 Pollawyn Bomb & Pellet
4th Brett Nicholas 63lb 04oz White Acres Peg 23 Pollawyn Pellet Waggler
5th Dom Lanni 63lb 02oz Peg 38 Pollawyn Bomb & Pellet
6th Mark Waters 60lb Maltby A.C. Peg 23 Trelawney Method Feeder
Ladies Natasha Powell 33lb 04oz Peg 18 Jennys

Bronze Residents Match
Wednesday 10th June 2015
31 Anglers Fished Trelawney & Acorn
Name Weight Team Peg Lake Method
1st Rob Hotston 74lb 02oz C.D.A.S. Peg 17 Trelawney Meat In The Margins
2nd James Dawe 55lb 14oz Parsons Barn A.C. Peg 14 Trelawney Paste On The Pole At 5 Meters
3rd Mark Warters 55lb 12oz Maltbya.C. Peg 3 Acorn Meter Pole With Meat Over Pellet
4th Brian Bennett 54lb 12oz Roan A.C. Peg 15 Acorn Method Feeder & Margins
5th Russ Mexhome 49lb 12oz Ipswich Peg 11 Acorn Bomb & Pellet
6th Alan Norfolk 47lb 06oz Woodlands Peg 29 Trelawney Pellet Shallow

Residents Gold Match
Monday 8th June 2015
28 Anglers Fished Trelawney & Acorn
Name Weight Team Peg Lake Method
1st Ian Hughes 107lb 04oz Eggy Ferry Peg 7 Acorn Short Pole With Corn
2nd Tony Oatley 86lb Burt Baits Peg 8 Trelawney Pellet Feeder
3rd Ian Fisk 83lb 05oz Complete Angler Peg 10 Acorn Pellet Waggler & Margins With Pellet
4th Dominic Lanni 78lb 02oz Peg 32 Trelawney
5th Bob Dac 62lb 09oz Edgley Sports Peg 2 Trelawney Short Pole With Pellet
6th Mark Rees 58lb 10oz Plumstead Peg 14 Acorn Meat On The Margins