Gold, Bronze & Residents – W/C 6th April 2015

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Residents Rover Match
Thursday 9th April 2015
86 Anglers Fished all waters
Name Weight Team Peg Lake Method
1st Barry Holloingsworth 137lb Gidlow Angling Peg 38 Pollawyn Long pole shallow with pellet & meat
2nd Steve Burgess 96lb 08oz Abram A.C. Peg 24 Trelawney Method & pellet feeder
3rd Roy Beasley 92lb Packington Peg 48 Pollawyn Pellet & bread shallow
4th Gary Wills 91lb 08oz Leigh Tackle and Bait Peg 16 Jenny's Long pole with pellet shallow
5th Mark Gallagher 90lb Patricroft A.C. Peg 11 Jennys Long pole to the island
6th Anthony Hillditch 86lb 06oz Peg 20 Pollawyn

Name Weight Team Peg Lake Method
Ladies Rebekah Thompson 29lb 02oz Peg 21 Trelawney
Junior Eve Nicholas 63lb 08oz Peg 23 Twin Oaks

Bronze Residents Match
Wednesday 8th April 2015
33 Anglers Fished Twin Oaks
Name Weight Team Peg Lake Method
1st David Tomlinson 121lb 01oz Loxley Fisheries Peg 18 Twin Oaks Bomb With Meat
2nd Steve Oddy 96lb 10oz Lowhills A.C. Peg 35 Twin Oaks 6mm Pellet Over Micro’s At 4 Meters
3rd Carl Hobbs 85lb 13oz Dudley Peg 36 Twin Oaks Meat Over Micro Pellet In The Margins
4th Paul Carline 76lb 02oz Subfish Peg 34 Twin Oaks Pellet Feeder
5th Richard Tomlinson 74lb 08oz Locksley Fisheries Peg 12 Twin Oaks Bomb & Meat
6th Brian Wilson 69lb 01oz Team S.A.S. Peg 23 Twin Oaks Pellet Feeder

Gold Residents Match
Monday 6th April 2015
60 Anglers Fished Twin Oaks, Acorn & Trelawney
Name Weight Team Peg Lake Method
1st Gareth Brown 119lb 13oz Whelly Ex Servicemans Peg 13 Acorn Long Pole Shallow With Pellet
2nd Mark Gallagher 106lb 08oz Patricroft Peg 11 Trelawney Pellet Shallow
3rd Will Hardy 90lb 04oz Maltby A.C. Peg 19 Twin Oaks Pellet Waggler
4th Mark Bower 90lb Chesterfield Peg 17 Twin Oaks Pellet Waggler
5th Steve Taylor 86lb 13oz Patricroft A.C. Peg 1 Trelawney Pellet Shallow
6th Ian Ford 79lb Patricroft A.C. Peg 13 Trelawney Pellet Shallow