Guru Festival 2017 – Day Two

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Welcome to the Guru festival 2017, its Guru’s second year in sponsoring out spring festival so a massive thank you for their support. This week the festival is full with 180 anglers all fishing for 5 days, the week has started very wet and it’s not looking much better for the week but will that dampen the competitors spirits!! Read on to see how the first day went.

Day Two

‘A’ Section Pollawyn

First on the lake today was Martin Holmes with 56lb 14oz from peg 21, Martin spent most of his day fishing the long pole with 6mm pellets. 2nd was Kevin Wadge from peg 23 with 55lb 08oz, and 3rd on the day was Harry Billing from peg 36 weighing 51lb 08oz fishing the method feeder and margins.

Section Winners
section name peg points weight
A section Jack Heath peg 12 9 points 28lb 09oz
B section Martin Holmes peg 21 9 points 56lb 14oz
C section Luke Webster Peg 25 9 points 51lb 06oz
D section Harry Billing Peg 36 9 points 51lb 08oz
‘B’ Section, Twin oaks & Trelawney

First on day one was Andy Power from peg 22 Trelawney, Andy fished the long pole with banded caster shallow to end up with 189lb, 2nd on the day was Ben Reynolds from peg 16 Twin Oaks with 87lb 10oz catching on the method feeder with hard pellet and 3rd was Rod Finch from peg 2 Twin Oaks with 78lb 08oz.

Section Winners
section name peg points weight
A section Ben Reynolds peg 16 Twin Oaks 9 points 87lb 10oz
B section Danny Scott peg 20 Twin Oaks 9 points 64lb
C section Gary Middleton peg 14 Trelawney 9 points 70lb 06oz
D section Andy Power peg 22 Trelawney 9 points 189lb
‘C’ Section Jennys, Acorn & Trewaters

First overall Ben Hagg with 119lb 15oz from peg 53 Trewaters, Ben fished the long line with 8mm pellets to the island. 2nd was Robert Taylor with 95lb 12oz from peg 14 Jennys, Robert caught most of his fish on the on the long pole with pellets and 3 lumps down the margin on worm late and 3rd on the lake was Andy Bennett from peg 25 Trewaters with 89lb 03oz.

Section Winners
section name peg points weight
A section Robert Taylor peg 14 Jennys 9 points 95lb 02oz
B section Paul Hart peg 13 Acorn 9 points 69lb 04oz
C section Andy Bennett peg 25 Trewaters 9 points 89lb 03oz
D section Ben Hagg peg 53 Trewaters 9 points 119lb
‘D’ Section Porth

First on the day Pemb Wrighting from peg 83 with 58lb 04oz, Pemb fished the pole with worms over groundbait. 2nd on the day was Tony Evans from peg 86 with 17lb 11oz, Tony fished the pole with worms and 3rd was Martin Rogers form peg 34 with 16lb 09oz fishing the hybrid feeder.

Section Winners
section name peg points weight
A section Atilla Fisher peg 18 9 points 7lb 12oz
B section Martin Rogers peg 34 9 points 16lb 09oz
C section James Cooper peg 79 9 points 9lb 11oz
D section Pemb Wrighting peg 83 9 points 58lb 04oz
‘E’ Section Bolingey

First on the day was Paul Holland from peg 24 with 160lb 08oz, Paul fished the method feed and meat and in the margins. 2nd on the day was Pete Franklin from peg 23 with141lb swapping between the method feeder and the meat in the margins and 3rd was John Hannam form peg 11 with 136b 12oz, John also fished the method feeder and meat in the margins.

Section Winners
section name peg points weight
A section Richard Bond peg 7 9 points 92lb 10oz
B section Paul Holland peg 24 9 points 160lb 08oz
C section Pete Franklin peg 23 9 points 141lb
D section Rob Peel peg 38 9 points 105lb 10oz
Top Twenty
Position Name Points Weight
1st HARRY BILLING 18 227lb 13oz
2nd ROBERT TAYLOR 18 226lb 14oz
3rd PAUL HOLLAND 18 171lb 15oz
4th PEMB WRIGHTING 18 122lb 03oz
5th BEN HAGG 17 194lb 02oz
6th JAKE GALLAGHER 17 177lb 07oz
7th MARTIN HOLMES 17 164lb 10oz
8th JOHN HANNAM 17 150lb 10oz
9th SIMON GOULD 17 78lb 14oz
10th JAMES COOPER 17 74lb 13oz
11th ANDY POWER 16 211lb 10oz
12th ANDY BENNETT 16 163lb 01oz
13th LUKE WEBSTER 16 162lb 14oz
14th KEVIN WADGE 16 150lb 10oz
15th DAVE BRUTON 16 135lb 11oz
16th DEREK HARTSHORNE 16 117lb 06oz
17th JAMIE McGUIRE 16 113lb 01oz
18th KEVIN EAST 16 99lb 05oz
19th CHRIS DOWNES 16 83lb 15oz
20th JAMIE GREEN 15 159lb 10oz