Guru X-Safe Elasticated Method Feeders are go at White Acres

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With the new holiday season well underway, we’ve introduced a significant rule change – you can now fish at White Acres with elasticated method feeders.

However, always mindful of the welfare of his fish stocks; fishery manager Clint Elliott has specified that only one style of elasticated feeder is allowed – the Guru X-Safe System Method Feeder.

Guru X-Safe Elasticated Method Feeders

Guru X-Safe Elasticated Method Feeders

Clint said, “Our fishing rules are designed for fish safety, as we take a lot of pride in the health and quality of our fish stocks. I have been given a full demonstration of the X-Safe feeders by Guru’s Steve Ringer and Adam Rooney, and I believe a lot of thought has gone into the design and development of them to ensure they are completely safe.

Elasticated Method feeders are a great option for the commercial match angler, as they are attached to the main line – usually with a swivel tied to the end, which makes it easy to unclip an empty feeder and quickly replace it with a loaded one, and so save time out of the water.

Elasticated feeders have however, had somewhat of a bad press over the years. It was often the case that if the main line broke, then a fish could be left tethered to the feeder, damaging its mouth. To make matters worse, if the fish swam into an underwater snag, it could get caught up – unable to free itself.

So what makes the Guru X-Safe System Method Feeder so different that Clint has decided to allow their use?

A traditional elasticated Method feeder has a length of elastic, running through the middle, which is connected to the top of the stem – making it part of the feeder. The hook link is then attached to the elastic via a small ring/swivel, which is tied to the other end.

This set up acts as a shock absorber against a fighting fish, where the elastic helps to ensure minimal hook pulls. The feeder is then attached to the main line by a clip swivel. With the X-Safe Method Feeder, the elastic is fitted to a clever little clip, onto which a loop in the main line is used to attach the feeder.

Guru X-Safe Elasticated Method Feeders

Guru X-Safe Elasticated Method Feeders

This clip sits above the stem at the top of the feeder, and is held in place with the help of a rubber sleeve. The short length of elastic then passes through a tube in the main body of the feeder, where at the other end, a micro ring is tied on for hook link attachment.

At this point the X-Safe feeder looks no different to any other, but if you pull firmly on the elastic, it will pull through the feeder, as the clip at the top compresses to allow it to pull free. Therefore, if you do suffer a break, the main body of the feeder will fall away. This leaves the hook link and elastic attached to the fish, which it will quickly discard, as there is no pressure on the line.

A full stock of Guru X-Safe System feeders are on sale in the White Acres tackle shop.

Article provided by Steve Martin, Journalist, keen angler and regular at White Acres.

Click here to watch World Feeder Champion, Steve Ringer, explain the X-Safe System feeder on the Guru website.