Karl’s Catch Report – 11th August 2016

Catch reports from White Acres Two Specimen lakes – Pats’s Pool & Nelsons

11th August 2016

Hi all,

I hasn’t been very busy on pats this week so not a lot to report! Sam O’Connor has had the best cat out this week with a fish weighing 44lbs which Sam caught on Halibut pellet soaked in Ming Oil there have been a few low 20s caught and upper double carp out mainly to sticky baits Krill and blood-worm wafers and popped up baits.

Nelsons has been fishing better on the carp with anglers banking fish to mid 20s also a 20 plus grassie was landed by Sam O’Connor which is the best Grassie I’ve seen for a long time. Also there has been several cats to mid 20s caught all carp seem to be responding to Pacific Tuna boilies Fished over bombed Pellet and chopped Boilies

Tight Lines Karl