Karl’s Catch Report – 21st July 2016

Catch reports from White Acres Two Specimen lakes – Pat’s’s Pool & Nelson’s

21st July 2016

Hi all,

Jack and Jon Parkyn where the top rods on Pat’s. The Brother Duo managed to bank 6 cats to 24-8 and 8 carp to 20-4 all fish falling to mainline hybrid and diamond white wafters well done lads.
Andrew cossins has been top rod on Nelson’s landing a shed load of carp and a few cats with the biggest carp going 24lb he also lost a good carp at the net which looked to be 30+.
All Andy’s fish fell to mainline impact fruitella fished over spombed mainline response pellets and chopped boilies well done Andy great result.

Back on Pat’s Lee freeman has been top rod on the cats this week Lee has banked cats of 40-8 40-12 44-8 and topped the haul of with a 60-6 Moggie and a 7-2 EEL. Well done Lee top result!

Tight Lines Karl