Keith Arthur on White Acres

Article published June 2015

“I remember someone once saying that when time was made, they made lots of it. I wish they’d make some more for me because having not fished at White Acres for a while I’m realising just how much I miss it.”

“Although I’m not stuck to a desk, workbench, till or steering wheel like so many folk, my days are restricted and I rarely get more than two free consecutively, except for holidays when my wife demands guaranteed warm sunshine – and I’m not averse to that either.

Keith Arthur on White Acres 2015

Keith Arthur on White Acres

However, when time permits…perhaps I should retire…I will definitely be returning to White Acres. The staff, accommodation, facilities, entertainment and food are all excellent but for me I have to fish and I don’t know of any other similar resort where the fishing is better.

Having been a match angler for most of my life I have mainly participated in the competitions and the fishing is tremendous, even for such busy lakes at the worst times – 10am til 3pm. My biggest weight has been 127lb – from Trelawney – but I’ve had brilliant bags from all the pools.

I know the work that has gone into the design, stocking and maintenance of the lakes and that is the reason why they are so good. Anyone can stock carp into a waterfilled hole and have people pay to catch them but it is the fish that have bred and grown in a fishery that are testimonial to its excellence and the perch, bream and roach are wonderful in both quality and quantity too.

Probably my most enjoyable session ever was on Python Lake, a pool passed over by many in favour of Pollawyn or Trelawney but when I drew peg 20 in a match I had a great day with a good bag of fish, about half tench and crucians caught in the margin to me right, the rest small carp caught over by the island.

I didn’t use a lot of bait…in fact I don’t ever recall using more than one bag of White Acres’ own brand of pellets and a pint of caster…but I had action all day. It’s days like that I miss; a competitive style of fishing in terrific company of like-minded people in the Cornish countryside where, most of the noise is provided by birdsong.

On another occasion we filmed on Pollawyn for Tight Lines, my Sky Sports’ TV show. We had some gorgeous carp to 12lb and got the job done in three hours. That’s my kind of work!

That is what makes me realise I want, no need, to set aside some time to get down there again. Once you’ve sampled White Acres as an angler I guarantee you’ll be back – again and again.”

Tight Lines

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