Kick-start your fishing: How to rig your pole

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Continuing our series on the basics of angling, this issue news reel takes a look at how to make a simple but effective rig for the summer.

Making your own rig

Making your own rig

Making your own rig is a simple enough process once you have gathered together what you need. Starting with the float today we are going to show you how to set up a pole rig that can be used to catch fish in the shallow margins and also in the open water well off bottom. In summer the fish will feed in the shallow margins and at the same depth in the open water, if it’s 2 ft. deep in the margins then you will also probably catch well at 2 ft. even if it’s 6 ft. deep further out from the bank so you can use the same rig so it’s very versatile.

Take the 0.17 mm diameter rig line, cut off about 3 ft. and tie a figure of eight loop in one end. Slip the loop onto the hook part of the elastic connector. Secure the loop by sliding the plastic sleeve over the hook.

Take the other end of the line and pass it through the eye on the side of the float. Cut three small lengths of silicon tubing and slide them onto the line. Push the silicon sleeves onto the stem of the pole float. Spread them out.

Use a pair of style pliers to attach the shotting. In this case I am using three number ten shot.

Now you need to test the shotting, I like to have enough shot on the line to sink the float body but leave most of the bristle showing because I know that the weight of corn, meat and pellet hook baits will sink the float tip a bit more. Add or subtract shot as necessary.

Tie a loop in the end of the rig line and another in the end of the hook length (about 12 inches of 0.15 mm diameter Powerline) and attach the two loop to loop style and pull tight.

Tie the hook onto the other end of the hook length using a hook tyer device, here I am using the Drennan Polemaster hook tyer and winding ten turns of line around the shank before pulling tight. Check the knot for strength, then trim down the loose end and the rig is ready for plumbing up.


  • No1 Float in 4×10 size
  •  0.17 mm diameter Powerline as main line.
  •   0.15 mm diameter Powerline as hook length
  •  PR 28 size 14 hook
  •  No 8 shot
  •   Polemaster hook tyer

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