Milo Festival 2017 – Day Three

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Welcome to the Milo festival 2017, Milo are White Acres oldest sponsor and have been sponsoring this festival for way over 20 years, it is fantastic to be associated with them for this amount of time. This year’s festival is sold out as always, the weather has been a bit unsettled with a wicked easterly wind just taking the edge of the bigger weights.

Milo Festival 2017 Day Three


First on the lake today was John Whincup with 147lb from peg 30, John spent most of his day fishing the long pole with pellets shallow. 2nd was Des Shipp from peg 45 with101lb 01oz Des fished the 16 meter pole with 6mm pellets and 3rd on the day was Craig Bate from peg 38 weighing 95lb 10oz fishing the long pole with casters and worm.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A section Andy Power peg 12 9 points 77lb 02oz
B section John Whincup peg 30 9 points 147lb
C section Des Shipp Peg 45 9 points 101lb 01oz
D section Craig Bate Peg 38 9 points 95lb 10oz
Twin oaks & Trelawney

First on day three was Steve Conway from peg 10 Twin Oaks, Steve fished the 5 meter pole with meat and margins with corn weighing 113lb 04oz, 2nd on the day was Darren Cox from peg 8 Trelawney with 103lb 03oz catching on casters in the margins and 3rd was Jamie Wilde from peg 12 Twin Oaks with 102lb 10oz catching in the margins with maggots.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A section Steve Conway peg 10 Twin Oaks 9 points 113lb 04oz
B section Lee Cox peg 25 Twin Oaks 9 points 89lb 12oz
C section Darren Cox peg 8 Trelawney 9 points 103lb 03oz
D section Nick Wooding peg 23 Trelawney 9 points 74lb 08oz
Jennys, Acorn & Trewaters

First overall was Geoff Ringer with 123lb from peg 51 Trewaters, Geoff fished the method feeder with pellets and margins with meat, 2nd was Kieron Rich with 112lb 04oz from peg 47 Trewaters, Kieran fished the long pole flicking and the waggler with pellets and 3rd on the lake was Steve Cooke from peg 15 Acorn with 90lb 04oz.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A section Gary Thomas peg 22 Jennys 9 points 82lb 10oz
B section Steve Cooke peg 15 Acorn 9 points 90lb 04oz
C section Mick Wells peg 27 Trewaters 9 points 74lb 04oz
D section Geoff Ringer peg 51 Trewaters 9 points 123lb

First on the day Rob Jones from peg 86 with 43lb, Rob fished the long pole with dead red maggots over groundbait. 2nd on the day was Graham Thomas from peg 76 with 25lb 08oz fishing the long pole with worm and caster, and 3rd was Marcus Harrison form peg 89 with 21lb 10oz, Marcus fished the feeder with worm and maggot.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A section Martin Harrel peg 18 9 points 11lb 06oz
B section Simon Fry peg 40 9 points 10lb 05oz
C section Graham Thomas peg 76 9 points 25lb 08oz
D section Rob Jones peg 86 9 points 43lb

First on the day was Francis O’reiley from peg 17 with 170lb 12oz, Francis fished the method feeder. 2nd on the day was Paul Holland from peg 16 with161lb 10oz, Paul fished the method feeder and margins with pellets and 3rd was Mikey Williams form peg 46 with 154lb 13oz, Mikey fished the short pole and margins with maggots.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A section Mikey Williams peg 46 9 points 154lb 13oz
B section Chris Greenside peg 26 9 points 125lb 14oz
C section Francis O’reiley peg 17 9 points 170lb 12oz
D section John Barningham peg 38 9 points 130lb 14oz
Top Twenty
Position Name Points Weight
1st ANDY POWER 27 316lb 15oz
2nd STEVE COOKE 27 284lb
3rd MIKEY WILLIAMS 27 267lb 08oz
4th MARTIN HOLMES 26 205lb 10oz
5th STEVE CONWAY 25 317lb 08oz
6th JAMES STONES 25 277lb 07oz
7th ROB JONES 25 256lb 13oz
8th STEVE BARRACLOUGH 25 255lb 10oz
9th SAM COLLETT 25 197lb 03oz
10th DES SHIPP 25 196lb 02oz
11th JON HARVEY 24 319lb 09oz
12th CHRIS GREENSIDE 24 238lb
13th DANNY BAKER 24 223lb 02oz
14th NEIL McKINNON 24 160lb 13oz
15th JAMIE WILDE 23 311lb 14oz
16th KIERON RICH 23 269lb 12oz
17th NICK WOODING 23 242lb 15oz
18th JOHN WHINCUP 23 234lb 04oz
19th GRANT ALBUTT 23 211lb 12oz
20th AIDEN MANSFIELD 23 191lb 12oz