Milo Festival 2017 – Final Day Results

Day Five, Final Day!

Well what a close festival, the lakes fished really well with some fantastic weights, the weather wasn’t great but everybody just got on with the job. We would like to say a massive thank you to Milo for the fantastic prizes and a big thank you for being White Acres longest sponsor.
Tight lines


First on the lake today was Dan White with 67lb 11oz from peg 19, Dan spent most of his day fishing meat on the short pole. 2nd was Mark Jones from peg 29 with 65lb 12oz fishing the bomb and pellet and 3rd on the day was Dave Bruton from peg 31 weighing 65lb 10oz fishing the pellet feeder.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A section Marcus Harrison peg 13 9 points 25lb 15oz
B section Dave Bruton peg 31 9 points 65lb 10oz
C section Dan White peg 19 9 points 67lb 11oz
D section Terry harrison peg 36 9 points 25lb
Twin oaks & Trelawney

First on day two was Mikey Williams from peg 33 Twin Oaks weighing 157lb 05oz, Mikey fished the long pole with casters shallow, 2nd on the day was Scott Russell from peg 35 Twin Oaks with 137lb 06oz also catching on the caster shallow and 3rd was James Holmes from peg 23 Twin Oaks with 129lb 12oz.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A section Paul Hoffman peg 16 Twin Oaks 9 points 120lb 13oz
B section Mikey Williams peg 33 Twin Oaks 9 points 157lb 05oz
C section Danny Baker peg 14 Trelawney 9 points 93lb 12oz
D section Luke Seares peg 26 Trelawney 9 points 104lb 04oz
Jennys, Acorn & Trewaters

First overall was Andy Power with 120lb 10oz from peg 51 Trewaters, Andy swapper between the pellet feeder and the long pole fishing on the deck. 2nd was Des Shipp with 87lb 08oz from peg 53 Trewaters, Des fished the long pole with banded pellet also on the deck and 3rd on the lake was Tony Buttler from peg 35 Trewaters with 74lb 14oz.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A section Gavin Bridge peg 22 Jennys 9 points 67lb 12oz
B section Jason Collins peg 5 Acorn 9 points 73lb 04oz
C section Tony Buttler peg 35 Trewaters 9 points 74lb 14oz
D section Andy Power peg 51 Trewaters 9 points 120lb 10oz

First on the day Dale Hancock from peg 35 with 38lb 06oz, Dale fished the pellet feeder with dead maggots. 2nd on the day was Wayne Ibotson from peg 39 with 23lb 11oz fishing the method feeder and 3rd was Charlie Mayers form peg 74 with 20lb 12oz catching on the long pole with worm.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A section Darren Cox peg 23 9 points 6lb 05oz
B section Dale Hancock peg 35 9 points 38lb 06oz
C section Charlie Mayers peg 74 9 points 20lb 12oz
D section Nick Wooding peg 89 9 points 14lb 11oz

First on the day was James Burrell from peg 17 with 178lb 12oz, James fished the short pole with meat. 2nd on the day was Steve Barraclough from peg 28 with152lb 10oz, Steve also fished the short pole with meat and 3rd was Nigel Morris form peg 45 with 151lb 12oz catching on the meat at 5 meters.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A section Jon Harvey peg 3 9 points 140lb 04oz
B section Nigel Bond peg 8 9 points 115lb 06oz
C section James Burrell peg 17 9 points 178lb 12oz
D section Steve Barraclough peg 28 9 points 152lb 10oz
Top Twenty
Position Name Points Dropping Weight
1st ANDY POWER 36 8 Points 550lb 11oz
2nd MIKEY WILLIAMS 36 8 Points 503lb 05oz
3rd DAN WHITE 36 4 Points 460lb 15oz
4th SAM COLLETT 35 7 Points 375lb 06oz
5th STEVE BARRACLOUGH 34 8 Points 415lb 13oz
6th DES SHIPP 34 7 Points 406lb 04oz
7th JON HARVEY 34 6 Points 466lb 05oz
8th STEVE COOKE 34 6 Points 415lb 09oz
9th STEVE CONWAY 33 7 Points 422lb 11oz
10th ROBERT KITE 33 7 Points 388lb 04oz
11th DANNY BAKER 33 7 Points 360lb 14oz
12th GAVIN BRIDGE 33 5 Points 388lb 01oz
13th CHRIS GREENSIDE 33 5 Points 345lb 01oz
14th ROB JONES 33 2 Points 395lb 14oz
15th JAMIE WILDE 32 7 Points 414lb 02oz
16th JAMES STONES 32 6 Points 339lb 15oz
17th JOHN WHINCUP 32 5 Points 408lb 11oz
18th AIDEN MANSFIELD 32 5 Points 403lb 12oz
19th MARTIN HOLMES 32 4 Points 369lb 02oz
20th NICK WOODING 32 3 Points 278lb 10oz