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Stephen Daniels recently fished the 2014 Dynamite Baits festival here at White Acres. He has kindly allowed us to reproduce his write-up about his experiences, which were first posted on

‘Match Fishing Scene Forum’…
My first match at White Acres was Dynamite!
Well having just returned back from White Acres (yes, I have the t shirt to prove it) I thought it best to write a few lines about my experience…

Day 1-Porth

I previously fished Porth in my youth when I was stationed in Plymouth so I knew its depths and rigs needed in details – I set up 1.25 for nailing a worm or a bunch of maggots to the bottom , a slightly lighter rig for fishing a more on the drop rig in the last 2 feet and as shallow rig for roach on the caster. A feeder rod and method for a big chuck .

The Whistle goes, and straight in go 4 balls at 11m with choppie , caster and dead reds. I had a few chucks on the feeder at 45 turns and a few roach then decided to get my deep rig out to fish for roach on the drop. Since this was day 1 on the festival I was fishing for points.

First drop in a roach then another and another , small but a target weight of 10lb is on the cards it was time to get my head down, 2 hours in I had 110 fish and was doing well . Then I hit something solid , yes a bloody pike, five times on the trot it had fish from me and killed both my pole lines for the rest of the day, I ended up scratching around for the rest of the day on the feeder line at 45 turns and the method at 70 turns for a lump, I ended up with 5lb 5oz for 5 sections points , everyone who beat me in my sections either had a big bream on top of there bits or 2-3 big bream.

Oh what could of been if old Esox had stayed in bed .

Day 2 – Bolingey

Peg 38 out of the bag and by all accounts a decent draw , was told to fish 2+2 some margin lines and also to my left at 11m 6 m out from the bank , well long story short I was blanking 2 hours in and had my first bite in the 11m line at 2pm , anyone who fishes Bolingey know the fish are fit – it bottomed out black Hydro – after a tussle it was later to be 2oz short of the biggest fish of the week at 16lb 3oz – Adam south gate has one of 16 5oz on the same day in my section.

I then caught at 2+2 until an hour to go where I could not buy a bite for the rest of the match and weighed in 87lb for third in the section and finished with 7 points, 2nd was 89lb and Adam Southgate had a 95lb for a section win – 1 fish either way could of made a massive difference but well done Adam .

Day 3 – Pollawyn

Peg 18 on the match lake . I took meat and 6 mm pellet with a few 8 mm for hookers and caster – BIG MISTAKE – I got thoroughly beaten all day as the fish were over to the island and wanted 8mm pinged at them and I had 6mm!

I managed to get the short meat line to work and had 56lb odd of bits with a few bonus carp and 4 points. The moral of the story – if you don’t know your peg at White Acres go look at it first and the then decide what bait to take to it!

Day 4 – Jenny’s

Peg 18 on Jenny’s this lake is some thing special and the appeal of White ares had finally set in . Since I practiced this on the Sunday I had a large success fishing meat at 5 m and cater on a top kit – probably had well over a 100lb in four hours fishing so adopted the same approach.

In actual fact I needed 4mm pellet to ping at 14.5 M. Anyhow I could not find any bonus carp where most did and had 46Lb for 6 points , all skimmers and crucians at 5 M. , just one bonus carp would of got me a other 2 points as 47lb and 48lb beat me 102lb won the section .

Day 5 – Twin Oaks

Well it seems the final day had the Cornish pixies sitting on my shoulder and I really fancied a days feeder fishing on Twin Oaks, out comes peg 24 that won its section the day before – yeeeehaa!

I set up a waggler bomb and method along with shallow rigs to ping , a 2+2 for meat and some margin rigs.

I started on the waggler and had 2 fish and then it went dead , out with the pellet method and nothing – no liners so scratchy head time , I persevered the far line and was pinging shallow at 14 m at 2:30PM I had around 15lb and was thinking I was getting badly beaten again ( memories of Wednesday ) .

So time to force the peg as I had nothing to loose , 4 big lots of GB down both margins and out with the shallow rig -F1 then one about 4 Lb , in the next hour a managed to put around 30 Lb of F1’s in the net and it was 3:45 with not to long to go and I had 45lb.

Time to try the margin line where I had been throwing meat during my time fishing UITW . The next 75 minutes fishing was probably some of the best fishing I have ever had , lowering a single piece of meat into the peg slowly had big F1’s ripping yards of White hydro out of my pole before it even reached the bottom , these F1 were big upto 5lb with the odd smaller carp thrown in.

I weighed 107lb for a section win and 1lb out of the frame – if I had gone down the margin 15 mins a earlier I would of won the lake but £100 for a section win and default superpool was an nice end to the week .

So that was my first White Acres festival – an angler with more venue knowledge would probably have made a top 10 place out of my draws – they were pretty decent. I have learnt here that ounces let along pounds can cost you big time on these festivals!

My placing of 69th overall was something I am happy with and yes I will be back – the crack is superb, the stars are awesome athnd tell you everything. Mark Pollard who was in my section on the last day even gave me loads of info to help me to beat him and he congratulated me after!

I will wait to see if I have a invitation to the Preston in October – if I do I’m going!