Parkdean Masters 2008

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Former White Acres Fisheries team member Adam Wakelin made a triumphant return to the popular Cornwall bagging complex by storming to victory in the 2008, £25,000, winner-takes-all Parkdean masters after a bagging a 3lb tench on the hooter.

Parkdean Masters 2008 Winner, Adam Wakelin

Parkdean Masters 2008 Winner, Adam Wakelin

In a highly competitive field that included four former winners of the event, five-times world champion Alan Scotthorne and current world champion Will Raison, the Mansfield-based angler bagged a haul of carp and F1’s on long pole, shallow pellet tactics to card 73-15-0 and claim top spot.

Drawing Peg 40 on the complex’s Jenny’s Lake, Adam started the four-hour event fishing long pole tight to the corner of the island at 191/2 metres fishing 6mm pellet over micro pellets to take three small stockies and a 4lb carp before the swim died.

He then switched to the open water to his right, fishing 16 metres targeting F1s, but this only produced a couple of fish. Another 10 minutes on the island resulted in a roach, so returning to the 16-metre line Adam to a positive approach and was soon catching steadily.

“I fed and fished 6mm pellets 10 inches deep when there was a breeze on the water and at 18 inches when it was calm,” he explained. “I knew there were loads of F1s in the area, as this side of the lake is shallower than the other, but had to be positive with Will Raison on the next peg to my left.”.

Parkdean Masters 2008 Winner, Adam Wakelin

Parkdean Masters 2008 Winner, Adam Wakelin

The tactics worked for the next two hours with Adam netting F1s with the odd better carp. However, in the final 45 minutes he struggled to catch, as the bigger carp had moved in and spooked the F1s. “I could see the carp swimming around just off the feed, but they were not interested in my bait,” he said. “So with 10 minutes go I went on the deck and had an F1 and that 3lb tench on the hooter, which won it for me.” The early pace setters where Des Shipp, Neil Machin and Jason le Bosquet, they had all bagged proper carp and looked like the anglers to beat.

Their campaign however, slowed in the last two hours. As the match progressed, Wakelin’s nearest challenge for the crown, as he methodically built a weight, came from Billingham-based Adam Richards on Peg 21, who fished pellet shallow for the majority of the match, and until a quiet period towards in the final hour, looked like he might be the unlikely champion.

That lull proved costly, as he finished short of the winning line, finishing the day with 70-9-0, one big fish short.As the event entered the last hour, a big crowd started to gather behind Wakelin and he and they must have been aware of Alfreton-based Jason le Bosquet in Peg 7 on the far side of the lake, who was starting to catch fish again, carp at that. Two better fish came to the Shakespeare Superteam rod and at one point it looked like he was making a late bid for the title.

At the all out, word on the bank was it was too tight to call, and to make it worse for Preston Innovation’s-backed Wakelin, he was going to be the last to weight in.With bright skies and an ever-changing breeze putting a helpful ripple on most oParkdean Masters 2008 Bag!f lake, the venue had fished far better than expected with plenty of weights in the 30lb and 40lb bracket.

The first of the big weights was Richard’s, and with le Bosquet putting 62-15-0 on the scales, there seemed like the longest wait ever before Clint Elliott finally reached Wakelin’s peg, which now saw an expectant crowd gathered on the bank. It took two weighs to reach Wakelin’s total with the first registering 44-9-0, and when the second was read out at 29-6-0, there was a big cheer followed by shouts of ‘get in the water!’ so Adam made the now traditional plunge into Jenny’s Lake.

After his dip, an emotional Wakelin phoned his dad to tell him the result before he was finally able to climb the bank and collect the Parkdean Master’s trophy and his £25,000 winner’s cheque from park manager Kevin Lucock, before receiving another soaking of Champaign from his fellow anglers.

Parkdean Masters 2008 Line-up

Parkdean Masters 2008 Line-up

“It’s absolutely brilliant,” said Adam. “After drawing Peg 40 I knew I was in with half a chance, as Clint had left out last years winning peg (0) and the next three weights had come from this bank and this end.“At the draw I fancied Peg 43 and thought that 40 was too far away to get into the fish,” he added. “All the time I was always under pressure with Will to my left, and I could see Jason catching big fish on the far bank, so I knew it was going to be tight.“It’s the first time that the match has been won from this bank on Jenny’s and I can’t believe I’ve done it on my first attempt.”

After the presentation, a delighted Clint Elliott could not hide his joy at Adam’s win and after a stressful couple of weeks where the complex had discovered its main match lake had KHV, he was walking around with a big smile.

“After all the uncertainty in the last three months, I’m absolutely delighted with the overall weights we’ve had today,” he said. “I feel all our problems are behind us.“Today has been the boost we needed to get back online,” he added, “I’m very confident that 2009 will be an even better year, as we have a few surprises in the pipeline.”

Position Name Peg Weight
1st Adam Wakelin 73lb 15oz Peg 40
2nd Adam Richards 70lb 9oz Peg 21
3rd Jason Le Bosquet 62lb 15oz Peg 7
4th Paul Burton 57lb 13oz Peg 5
5th Neil Machin 46lb 11oz Peg 15
6th Joff Rogers 45lb 4oz Peg 16
7th Alan Scotthorne 38lb 11oz Peg 47
8th Michael Sanders 38lb 7oz Peg 32
9th Des Shipp 35lb 1oz Peg 18
10th Simon Colclough 34lb 14oz Peg 25
11th Andy Geldart 31lb 13oz Peg 13
12th Steve Sanders 31lb 2oz Peg 19
13th Dave Campbell 30lb 6oz Peg 17
14th Will Raison 29lb 6oz Peg 43
15th Harry Billing 28lb 1oz Peg 34
16th Mick Lees 23lb 12oz Peg 1
17th Derek Willan 23lb 3oz Peg 38
18th Mark Fox 21lb 9oz Peg 45
19th Kelvin Acton 20lb 9oz Peg 11
20th Sandra Scotthorne 20lb 6oz Peg 9
21st Phil Ringer 19lb 4oz Peg 20
22nd Darren Cox 18lb Peg 3
23rd Tommy Hiller 15lb 2oz Peg 28
24th Jamie Wilde 12lb 14oz Peg 27

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