Parkdean Masters 2009

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Grant Albutt was crowned the 2009 Parkdean Master after a tense four hour battle on a Jenny’s Lake that was reluctant to give up its big fish. Garbolino-backed Albutt (peg 40) finished with 78-6-0 to finish almost 10lb ahead of nearest challenger

Parkdean Masters 2009 Winner, Grant Albutt

Parkdean Masters 2009 Winner, Grant Albutt

Albutt found himself on the same peg that saw Adam Wakelin catch F1s shallow to win the 2008 title, so he repeated the tactics, fishing 6mm pellets on the hook with loose-fed 4mm to catch F1s to 1.5lb and a single carp.

After the all-out it was a nervous wait for Halesowen, West Midlander, as he was the last to weigh in. He had to watch as Shipp posted by far the biggest haul in a field that featured five previous Masters winners and two former World Champions. However, it was clear to the big crowd that had gathered around Albutt that after the first weigh it was going to be close. That was nearly 40lb. The second weigh was close to the first and was greeted by a massive roar, as Albutt, twice the runner up had finally secured the £25,000 winner-take-all prize.

Albutt had started the match on the Method feeder fished tight to the island to his left, but a snag made it impossible to fish closer than a metre away. This produced a skimmer in the first 20 minutes, so he switch to the pole at 13 metres in open water, where from the off he caught F1s regularly.

Parkdean Masters 2009 Winner, Grant Albutt

Parkdean Masters 2009 Winner, Grant Albutt

“ I could not see what Des was doing, but I was getting regular reports that he was catching big fish,” he said. “I kept thinking I was behind the pace,as I was only catching small fish.”
Although Shipp was catching fish to double-figures, he endured slack periods where the fish disappeared. Albutt however, continued to catch steadily and ended the match with over 60 fish.

It was the last hour that sealed it for Albutt, as while Shipp failed to add more than a few small fish to his total, Grant had 20 fish, his best period.

The speed at which Albutt was able to keep fishing was helped by the fact that he only used one or two pellets on the hook all match. To avoid having to regularly rebait, he lassoed a 6mm pellet on a hair rig and sealed it in place with superglue. The only time he needed to change baits,was if he got a tangle. It could have been a completely different story, had Shipp not lost three big fish during the match.

Parkdean Masters 2009 Line-Up

Parkdean Masters 2009 Line-Up

He fished shallow in open water, but unlike Albutt, he had to wait for his bites, as the bigger carp drifted in and out of his peg. After a slow start he bagged two big fish, but was always playing catch-up to Albutt. There was a point in the third hour when he was catching well, but the final 90 minutes saw the big carp elude him.

Parkdean Masters 2009 Poster

Parkdean Masters 2009 Poster

The match was always going to be a two-horse race, as the rest of the field struggled on a below par lake with many failing to get double figures.

After the match, Albutt, who qualified in 23rd place in the Preston Innovations festival the week before was ecstatic.

“I’m chuffed to bits,” he said. “It really hasn’t sunk in yet. I knew my time would come one day. It was just when!”  

Albutt’s win also gained him a place on the Parkdean Master of Masters match, where he joined the nine other past winners for a chance to win a holiday in Las Vagas to be held the following day.

Position Name Peg Weight
1st Grant Albutt 40 78lb 6oz
2nd Des Shipp 1 67lb 8oz
3rd Alan Rutherford 7 31lb 7oz
4th Joes Carass 9 28lb 7oz
5th Simon Colclough 12 25lb 8oz
6th Mark Fox 19 23lb 12oz
7th Tommy Pickering 32 22lb 10oz
8th Alan Scotthorne 15 19lb 9oz
9th Kerry Kirkwood 18 18lb 12oz
10th Paul Burton 43 18lb 5oz
11th Lee Edwards 20 16lb 15oz
12th Neil Mckinnon 45 16lb 14oz
13th Joff Rogers 34 16lb 9oz
14th Steve Ringer 25 16lb 5oz
15th Harry Billing 3 14lb 7oz
16th Darren Cox 11 13lb 2oz
17th Paul Holland 38 11lb 7oz
18th Steve Cooke 25 9lb 14oz
19th Paul Carpenter 21 9lb 1oz
20th Alex Bones 16 8lb 12oz
21th Chris Jenkinson 17 7lb 2oz
22th Adam Rooney 27 4lb 9oz
23th Andy Neal 47 4lb 4oz
24th Richie Hull 5 3lb 6oz

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