Parkdean Resorts Summer Veterans 2017 – Day Three

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This week we are holding our Summer Veterans festival specifically for the over 55’s. We have a full house of 40 anglers fishing over Twin Oaks, Acorn and Canal on 5 peg sections rotating over 4 days.

Day Three

Let’s see how the anglers did on day three…

‘A’ Section, Acorn

Albert Williams was the lake winner today with 53lb, Albert fished the method feeder from peg 13. Steve Potter on peg 15 finished in second place weighing in at 49lb. Finishing third on peg 1 with a weight of 24lb was Michael Owens. Michael fished the long pole with pellet, catching mostly carp.

Section Winners
Name Peg Points Weight
Michael Owens peg 1 5 points 24lb
Albert Williams peg 13 5 points 53lb
‘B’ Section, Canal

In first place on peg 3 was Tony Holdsworth with 49lb 14oz. Ian Harrington took second place on peg 5 with 43lb 8oz. Finishing in third place was Simon Gould on peg 13 with 39lb 10oz.

Section Winners
Name Peg Points Weight
Tony Holdsworth peg 3 5 points 49lb 14oz
Simon Gould peg 13 5 points 39lb 10oz
‘C’ Section, Twin Oaks 1-18

First on the day was Tony Oatley with 141lb 14oz from peg 3, Tony caught on Pellet. Andrew Havenhand finished in second place with a weight of 128lb 8oz from peg 17. Vincent O’Connor finished in third place on peg 15 with a weight of 122lb 2oz.

Section Winners
Name Peg Points Weight
Tony Oatley peg 3 5 points 141lb 14oz
Andrew Havenhand peg 17 5 points 128lb 08oz
‘D’ Section, Twin Oaks 19-36

First overall on day three was Kevin Edwards from peg 27 with 69lb. Kevin fished the method feeder. Second was Malcolm Jolley with 55lb 15oz on peg 23. Finishing third was Geoff Harris from peg 30 with 54lb 13oz.

Section Winners
Name Peg Points Weight
Kevin Edwards peg 27 5 points 69lb
Geoff Harris peg 30 5 points 54lb 13oz
Top Ten
Position Name Points Weight
1st Simon Gould 15 232lb 10oz
2nd Kevin Edwards 15 161lb 03oz
3rd Steve Potter 14 272lb 05oz
4th Albert Williams 14 224lb 05oz
5th Martin Austin 14 138lb 04oz
6th Tony Oatley 13 226lb 09oz
7th Geoff Harris 13 170lb 15oz
8th Graham Stokes 12 232lb 13oz
9th Andrew Havenhand 12 198lb 05oz
10th Dave Webster 12 167lb 04oz