Parkdean Winners Week 2014

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We’ve come to our annual Winners week festival 2014 where anglers who have won one of our resident matches throughout the year win a week of free fishing and to stay in a caravan to the value of £250 with a chance to win £1000.
We have split it into 3 sections over 3 days on lakes Pollawyn, Twin Oaks and Jenny’s.

Here’s how the anglers fished on their first day…

Day one

‘A’ Section, Pollawyn
Today’s winner on Pollawyn was Mark Bower on peg 31 with 38lb 8oz.
Ian Ford on peg 17 finished in second place weighing in at 34lb 3oz.

‘B’ Section, Twin Oaks
In first place on peg 35 was Keith Pentland with a weight of 80lb 6oz. Keith fished worm and caster on top 2.
Michael Elliott took second place on peg 21 with a weight of 75lb. He fished down the edge with caster.

‘C’ Section, Jenny’s
With a weight of 54lb 15oz Paul Edwards secured himself first place on peg 14 today. Paul fished method and caught some big fish down the edge.
Daniel Walls finished in second place with a weight of 47lb 4oz.

Top Twenty
Position Name Points Weight
1st Keith Pentland 8 80lb 6oz
2nd Paul Moore 8 72lb 0oz
3rd Paul Edwards 8 54lb 15oz
4th Darol Newman 8 46lb 10oz
5th Mark Bower 8 38lb 8oz
6th Ian Ford 8 34lb 3oz
7th Michael Elliott 7 75lb 0oz
8th Mitch Riley 7 65lb 7oz
9th Daniel Walls 7 47lb 4oz
10th Mick Cook 7 32lb 2oz
11th Bradley Hancock 7 29lb 9oz
12th Jason Smith 7 28lb 12oz
13th Kurtis Garrish 6 54lb 9oz
14th Barry Parker 6 38lb 7oz
15th Davis Hodgson 6 38lb 6oz
16th Steve Taylor 6 25lb 12oz
17th Rob Morris 6 24lb 6oz
18th Barry Hollingsworth 6 23lb 5oz
19th Chris Ludlow 5 52lb 0oz
20th Martyn Howard 5 26lb 3oz

Day Two

And this is how Day Two fared …

‘A’ section, Twin Oaks
Today’s winner on Twin Oaks was Ian Ford on peg 23 with 115lb 8oz. Ian fished caster shallow for a Carp & F1 bag, Mike Slater on peg 16 finished in second place weighing in at 76lb 10oz.

‘B’ Section, Jenny’s
Keith Pentland won Jennys lake from peg 16 with a weight of 50lb. Keith had a mixed bag and caught shallow on the pole, Michael Elliot took second place from peg 4 with a weight of 40lb 7oz, Michael caught all his fish on corn.

‘C’ Section, Pollawyn
First place on Pollawyn was Barry Hollingsworth with a weight of 114lb 13oz Barry swapped from the bomb tight to the island and shallow at 16 meters. Brett Nicholas finished in second place with a weight of 36lb 7oz.

Section Winners
Name Peg Points Weight
1st Ian Ford 16 149lb 11oz
2nd Keith Pentland 16 130lb 6oz
3rd Darol Newman 16 76lb 10oz
4th Michael Elliott 15 115lb 7oz
5th Barry Hollingsworth 14 138lb 2oz
6th Mitch Riley 14 104lb 13oz
7th Mark Bower 14 99lb 16oz
8th Bradley Hancock 14 99lb 9oz
9th Paul Edwards 14 70lb 8oz
10th Paul Moore 13 92lb 14oz
11th Kurtis Garrish 13 81lb 8oz
12th Nigel Marchington 12 90lb 16oz
13th Mike Slater 11 93lb 13oz
14th Roy Penkethman 11 66lb 10oz
15th Mick Cook 11 63lb 7oz
16th Pete Thomas 11 50lb 2oz
17th Jason Smith 11 49lb 13oz
18th Sean Wilson 10 82lb 16oz
19th Rob Morris 10 76lb 6oz
20th Barry Parker 10 57lb 13oz

Day Three

A section, Twin Oaks
Today’s winner on Twin Oaks was Pete Thomas on peg 21 with 89lb, Pete fished the margins with maggot over groundbait Daz Newman finished in second place weighing in at 79lb 8oz, Daz fished the pellet feeder and the long pole with meat.

B Section, Jenny’s
In first place on peg 17 was Lord Marchington with a weight of 91lb, Nigel fished the pole shallow with 6mm pellet catching mainly F1’s. Rob Morris took second place from peg 15 with a weight of 51lb 12oz.

C Section, Pollawyn
Martin Howard won Pollawyn with a weight of 143lb 8oz, Martin caught most of his fish at 14 meters with 6mm pellet on the deck, 2nd on the lake was Michael Elliot with a weight of 70lb 2oz, Michael fished at 5 meters with caster over GB and margins with corn.

Top Twenty
Position Name Points Weight
1st Ian Ford 24 188lb 15oz
2nd Darol Newman 24 156lb 3oz
3rd Michael Elliott 23 185lb 9oz
4th Barry Hollingsworth 21 207lb 15oz
5th Mitch RIley 21 169lb 6oz
6th Mark Bower 21 132lb 8oz
7th Nigel Marchington 20 181lb 16oz
8th Paul Moore 19 157lb 1oz
9th Keith Pentland 19 145lb 7oz
10th Pete Thomas 19 139lb 2oz
11th Paul Edwards 18 108lb 9oz
12th Kurtis Garrish 18 100lb 16oz
13th Rob Morris 17 128lb 2oz
14th Brett Nicholas 17 126lb 9oz
15th Mike Slater 17 118lb 13oz
16th Bradley Hancock 16 112lb 9oz
17th David Hodgson 15 117lb 16oz
18th Daniel Walls 15 112lb 13oz
19th Sean Wilson 15 102lb 8oz
20th Jason Smith 15 101lb 16oz