Pat’s and Nelsons Catch Report – 17th June 2015

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Hi all, Here is the latest catch info from pats and nelsons

Hi all Nelsons has really been fishing well this week.
James rosses group from Milton Keynes have managed to bank 60 carp to 22lbs and 15 cats to 27lb and also lost 3 big cats round the islands.
Kev mcstraw has been top rod in the group kev has banked 38 of the CARP and also landed the biggest cat and a bonus grass carp of 16lb 8oz.
All the carp have fallen to solid bags loaded with pellet and mainline cell or hybrid well done lads great result.
Pats has been a little slower with a few low 20s being caught and the biggest cat this week falling to the rods of Phill Clarke from reditch phills cat weighs 63lb 4 oz and he a a small one of 23lb 12oz as well the big cat fell prawn boilie and the smaller cat to cc moores.

Thats all the catch info I have to date so till next time…

tight lines, Karl