Pat’s and Nelsons Catch Report – June 2015

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Hi all, Here is the latest catch info from pats and nelsons

Pats pool has been fishing pretty slow for carp the last week due to the fish looking to spawn. They have now started to spawn two days ago and are starting to slow down now so should start to go on the munch again!!!.

The cats have also been slow, however Kev and Dean Curtis have managed to bank a couple and also lost two big fish; so the fishing is starting to improve.

Nelson has been on top form though with one angler banking a brace of 29lb commons, and another angler bagging a 28 Common.

Paul briggs and John petry from Cumbria where the top rods on Nelsons this week the Duo managed to bank 35 carp to 22lb 5oz and four cats to 16lb 5 oz.  All the the fish fell to a mixture of CELL and HYBRID

That’s all the info I have for now so till next time

tight lines, Karl