Pepsi Cola Spring Veterans Festival 2018 – Day Two

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Welcome to the Pepsi Cola Spring Veterans Festival 2018

Today has been a much improved day with plenty of sunshine and temperatures rising!

Day Two

‘A’ Section, Trelawny

First on the lake today was David Cleaver with 33lb 12oz from peg 4, David caught on the pole at 13 metres down the edge using pellet. Second on the day was Paul Clegg from peg 10 with 26lb 5oz and third on the day was Ken Russell from peg 21 weighing 25lb 10oz, Ken caught on the pole at 14 metres using pellet and also on the short pole with caster.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A David Cleaver 4 4 33lb 12oz
B Geoff Long 12 4 25lb 8oz
C Ken Russell 21 4 25lb 10oz
D Tony Butler 27 4 22lb 8oz
‘B’ Section, Jenny’s

First on day one was Joe Roberts from peg 8, Joe fished the waggler using corn catching 48lb 8oz, Second on the day was John Pantry from peg 4 with 43lb 6oz catching on the long pole with corn. Third was Peter Byrne from peg 16 with 40lb 4oz.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A John Pantry 4 4 43lb 6oz
B Joe Roberts 8 4 48lb 8oz
C Peter Byrne 16 4 40lb 4oz
D Peter Bowles 21 4 23lb 7oz
‘C’ Section, Twin Oaks

First overall today was Terry Harrison with 71lb 2oz from peg 21, Terry caught down the edge using maggot. Second was Mick Powell with 55lb 12oz from peg 13, and third on the lake was Eric Searle from peg 9 with 51lb 10oz, Eric caught using double worm on the pole and the pellet feeder.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A Eric Searl 9 4 51lb 10oz
B Mick Powell 13 4 55lb 12oz
C Terry Harrison 21 4 71lb 2oz
D Graham Stokes 33 4 35lb 1oz
‘D’ Section, Pollawyn

First on the day Ivan Lord from peg 33 with 68lb 12oz, Ivan fished the long pole with soft pellet and used the bomb and corn. Second on the day was Noel Wright from peg 20 with 60lb, Noel fished the pole at five metres with maggot over worm and third was Dave Gibbs from peg 22 with 59lb 12oz, Dave fished the top five with caster over ground bait.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A Dave Gibb 22 4 59lb 12oz
B Nigel Groom 18 4 50lb 6oz
C Noel Wright 20 4 60lb
D Ivan Lord 33 4 68lb 12oz
Top Twenty
Position Name Points Weight
1st Joe Roberts 8 133lb
2nd Terry Harrison 8 95lb 6oz
3rd Tony Butler 8 56lb 12oz
4th Ivan Lord 7 121lb 12oz
5th Neil Edwards 7 112lb 10oz
6th Mick Wilkinson 7 95lb 1oz
7th 7th John Pantry 7 87lb 8oz
8th Andy Read 7 77lb 7oz
9th Ken Russell 7 63lb 12oz
10th David Cleaver 7 62lb 2oz
11th Tony Burt 7 55lb 3oz
12th Geoff Long 7 51lb 14oz
13th Steve Warner 7 51lb 13oz
14th Dave Gibbs 6 100lb 8oz
15th Noel Wright 6 96lb
16th Nick King 6 79lb 4oz
17th Simon Gould 6 68lb 8oz
18th Mick Powell 6 66lb 6oz
19th Mike O’gorman 6 64lb 12oz
20th Billy Gault 6 63lb 14oz