Pepsi Cola Spring Veterans Festival 2020 – Day One

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This week we are holding our Spring Veterans festival 2020. Spirits are high as everyone enjoyed themselves fishing in the current climate. But the first day fished extremely well and the sun shined all day.

Day One


First on the lake today was Colin Perry with 78lb 3oz from peg 22. Colin caught using a micro feeder with pellet and long poles with corn over pellet. Second on the day was Mick Wilkinson from peg 33 with 52lb 12oz and third on the day was Mike O’Gorman from peg 15 weighing 47lb 3oz.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A   Colin Perry   22 5   78lb 3oz
B   Mike O’Gorman   15 5   47lb 3oz
C   Geoff Long   45 5   39lb 11oz
D   Mick Wilkinson   33 5   52lb 12oz

First on day one was Andy Dare from peg 22, Andy fished pellet and corn over down edge with 79lb 12oz, Second on the day was Paul Jones from peg 1 with 68lb 4oz using 6mm top kit and fed 6mm with pellet. Third was John Pantry from peg 25 with 62lb 3oz caught using hybrid feeder and waffter 6mm.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A   Paul Jones   1 5   68lb 4oz
B   Nick King   9 5   26lb 12oz
C   Andy Dare   22 5   79lb 12oz
D   John Pantry   25 5   62lb 3oz

First overall today was Adrian Marshall with 74lb 1oz from peg 5. Second was Dennis Porter with 47lb 8oz from peg 15 using bread and maggot on feeder and third on the lake was Dave Phillips from peg 7 with 37lb 6oz.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A   Adrian Marshall   5 5   74lb 1oz
B   Dave Phillips   7 5   37lb 6oz
C   Dennis Porter   15 5   47lb 8oz
D   Dave White   18 5   28lb 12oz
Twin Oaks

First on the day Kevin Folwell from peg 16 with 90lb 2oz, Kevin fished using corn at 6 metres and pellet at 11 ½ metres. Second on the day was Richie Hull from peg 29 with 71lb 6oz, Richie fished using the method feeder and third was Steve Warner from peg 20 with 61lb 10oz, Steve fished using the method feeder.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A   Andrew Shirtcliffe   6 5   60lb 8oz
B   Kevin Folwell   16 5   90lb 2oz
C   Steve Warner   20 5   61lb 10oz
D   Richie Hull   29 5   71lb 6oz
Top Results
Name Points Weight
1st Kevin Folwell 5 90lb 2oz
2nd Andy Dare 5 79lb 12oz
3rd Colin Perry 5 78lb 3oz
4th Arian Marshall 5 74lb 1oz
5th Richie Hull 5 71lb 6oz
6th Paul Jones 5 68lb 4oz
7th John Pantry 5 62lb 3oz
8th Steve Warner 5 61lb 10oz
9th Andrew Shirtcliffe 5 60lb 8oz
10th Mick Wilkinson 5 52lb 12oz
11th Dennis Porter 5 47lb 8oz
12th Mike O’Gorman 5 47lb 3oz
13th Geoff Long 5 39lb 11oz
14th Dave Phillips 5 37lb 6oz
15th Dave White 5 28lb 12oz
16th Nick King 5 26lb 12oz
17th Liam O’Donoghue 4 77lb 6oz
18th Terry Harrison 4 59lb 2oz
19th Dave Cleaver 4 58lb 4oz
20th Vince O’Connor 4 58lb 2oz