Pepsi Cola Spring Veterans Festival 2020 – Day Three

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Day Three

Welcome to day three of the Spring Veteran’s festival, even though the weather has not been particularly warm the guys have been catching lots of fish and spirits are high.


First on the day was Richie Hull from peg 22 with 87lb 6oz. Second on the day was Liam O’Donoghue from peg 1 with 51lb 4oz and third was Andy Partridge from peg 29 with 37lb 10oz.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A   Ian Chadwick   4 5   48lb 2oz
B   Vince O’Connor   7 5   37lb 9oz
C   Neil Edwards   16 5   49lb 13oz
D   Noel Wright   21 5   28lb 6oz
Twin Oaks

First overall today was Tony Troth with 58lb from peg 24, Tony caught down edge on dead red maggot. Second was Kelvin Acton with 51lb 7oz from peg 27, Kelvin caught with feeder and 4 metres. Third on the lake was Adrian Marshall from peg 32 with 38lb 14oz, Adrian caught using casters.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A   Pete Bowles   6 5   54lb 2oz
B   Dave Cleaver   14 5   80lb 9oz
C   Paul Jones   26 5   63lb  
D   Nick King   32 5   104lb 4oz

First on the day was Nick King from peg 32, Nick fished using the method feeder and triple maggot catching 104lb 4oz, Second on the day was Dave Cleaver from peg 14 with 80lb 9oz catching with the pellet feeder and 6mm pellets. Third was Paul Jones from peg 26 with 63lb using feeder over 6mm and 14m and down edge.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A   Tony Troth   24 5   58lb  
B   Malcolm Johnson   18 5   36lb 12oz
C   Kelvin Acton   27 5   51lb 7oz
D   Adrian Marshall   32 5   38lb 14oz

First on the lake today was Neil Edwards with 49lb 13oz from peg 16, Mick caught using corn, bread and pellet feeder. Second on the day was Ian Chadwick from peg 4 with 48lb 2oz, Ian caught with pellet, short maggot and pole at 6 metres, and third on the day was Vince O’Connor from peg 7 weighing 37lb 9oz, Mike caught with pellet feeder and maggot.

Section Winners
Section Name Peg Points Weight
A   Liam O’Donoghue   1 5   51lb 4oz
B   Kevin Folwell   7 5   35lb  
C   Richie Hull   22 5   87lb 6oz
D   Andy Partridge   29 5   37lb 10oz

Top Results
Name Points Weight
1st Kevin Folwell 15 173lb 2oz
2nd Nick King 15 164lb 14oz
3rd Adrian Marshall 15 160lb 7oz
4th Dave Phillips 14 177lb 6oz
5th Dennis Porter 14 156lb 2oz
6th Steve Warner 14 149lb 2oz
7th Vince O’Cconnor 14 138lb 5oz
8th Andy Dare 13 191lb 5oz
9th Richie Hull 13 189lb 6oz
10th Paul Jones 13 160lb 8oz
11th John Pantry 13 151lb 3oz
12th Tony Troth 13 144lb 4oz
13th Andy Partridge 13 120lb 4oz
14th Geoff Long 13 103lb 11oz
15th Trevor Pearce 13 91lb 10oz
16th Noel Wright 13 89lb 3oz
17th Stewart Lister 12 185lb 4oz
18th Kelvin Acton 12 166lb 4oz
19th Dave Cleaver 12 156lb 13oz
20th Liam O’Donoghue 12 145lb 6oz

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