Preston Innovations Intermediate festival 2016

Welcome to the Preston Innovations Intermediate festival 2016.
This year we have had a good response to the Intermediate festival, we have got 18 anglers from the age of 16 to 21, they are fishing Twin Oaks, Jennys and Acorn/Canal in rotation day one saw them fishing on Twin Oaks, we split the lakes into smaller 5 peg sections to keep the points closer

Day One

‘A’ Section

pegs 2 to 10 saw Christian Jones catch 107lb 2oz from peg 10 on bomb and bread, second section was Josh Gilbert with 76lb 2oz, Josh fished the pellet feeder and third section was Jake Nightingale from peg 2 with 61lb.

‘B’ Section

pegs 12 to 17 first in the section was Alex Dawson with 106lb 4oz from peg 12 Alex fished the bomb and bread, second place went to Yestyn Sephton with 59lb 12oz from peg 15 and third was Mathiew Grindle with 35lb 10oz from peg 17.

‘C’ Section

pegs 21 to 27 section winner was Brad Hancock with 116lb 6oz from peg 25, second section was Dan Walls with 81lb 8oz from peg 21 and third was Daniel Slack on peg 24 with 77lb 8oz.

‘D’ Section

pegs 28 to 34 section winner was Elliott Mavers with 57lb 5oz from peg 34, second section was Andrew Cranston with 27lb 3oz from peg 33 and third was Sam Clatdon from peg 31 with 19lb 3oz.

Top Twenty
Position Name Points Weight
1st Bradley Hancock 5 116lb 06oz
2nd Kristian Jones 5 107lb 02oz
3rd Alex Dawson 5 106lb 04oz
4th Elliott Mavers 5 57lb 05oz
5th Daniel Walls 4 81lb 08oz
6th Josh Gilbert 4 76lb 02oz
7th Yestyn Sephton 4 59lb 12oz
8th Andrew Cranston 4 27lb 03oz
9th Danny Slack 3 77lb 08oz
10th Jake Nightingale 3 61lb
11th Mathiew Grindle 3 35lb 10oz
12th Sam Claydon 3 19lb 03oz
13th Alex Feeney 2 72lb 03oz
14th Alex Molloy 2 52lb 12oz
15th Jordan Holloway 2 35lb 04oz
16th Graham Docker 2 9lb 08oz
17th Jamie Bowden 1 32lb 12oz
18th Finlay Boubeck 1 17lb 06oz

Day Two


Today’s winner on Jennys was Bradley Hancock on peg 16 with 78lb 8oz, Bradley fished pellet feeder. Elliot Mavers on peg 7 finished in second place weighing in at 62lb 4oz fishing short with meat. Finishing third was Alex Feeney with 55lb 10oz. Alex fished pellet feeder and down the edge with corn from peg 1.From peg 4 Daniel Walls had 44lb 14oz securing himself fourth place.

Section Winners
Name Peg Points Weight
Alex Feeney 1 5 points 55lb 10oz
Elliot Mavers 7 5 points 62lb 4oz
Bradley Hancock 16 5 points 78lb 8oz
Jordon Holloway 19 5 points 41lb 12oz
Position Name Points Weight
1st Bradley Hancock 10 194lb 14oz
2nd Elliot Mavers 10 119lb 9oz
3rd Daniel Walls 8 126lb 6oz
4th Joshua Gilbert 8 113lb 12oz
5th Andrew Cranston 8 59lb 7oz
6th Kristian Jones 7 149lb 2oz
7th Alex Feeney 7 127lb 13oz
8th Jake Nightingale 7 105lb 6oz
9th Jordan Holloway 7 77lb 0oz
10th Alex Dawson 6 132lb 8oz
11th Yestyn Sephton 6 97lb 6oz
12th Mathew Grindle 6 60lb 12oz
13th Danny Slack 5 107lb 0oz
14th Graeme Docker 5 50lb 4oz
15th Sam Claydon 5 36lb 15oz
16th Jamie Bowden 4 76lb 14oz
17th Finlay Bilbeck 4 49lb 4oz
18th Alex Molloy 3 71lb 8oz

Day Three

Canal and Acorn
Today’s winner on Acorn was Brad Hancock on peg 11 with 96lb 8oz, Brad fished pole down the edge. Jake Nightingale on peg 9 Acorn finished in second place weighing in at 81lb 7oz fishing down the edge with corn. Finishing third on Canal was Graeme Docker with 66lb 9oz. Graeme fished corn at 16 metres from peg 10. Yestyn Sephton took fourth place with 58lb from peg 18 on Acorn.

Section Winners
Name Peg Points Weight
Graeme Docker peg 10 5 points 66lb 9oz
Yestyn Sephton peg 18 5 points 58lb
Elliott Mavers peg 1 5 points 36lb 12oz
Brad Hancock peg 11 5 points 96lb 8oz
Position Name Points Weight
1st Bradley Hancock 15 291lb 6oz
2nd Elliott Mavers 15 156lb 5oz
3rd Josh Gilbert 12 148lb 8oz
4th Jake Nightingale 11 186lb 13oz
5th Yestyn Sephton 11 155lb 6oz
6th Alex Dawson 10 190lb 4oz
7th Kristian Jones 10 187lb 6oz
8th Daniel Walls 10 157lb 6oz
9th Graeme Docker 10 116lb 13oz
10th Jordon Holloway 10 112lb 2oz
11th Andrew Cranston 10 84lb 8oz
12th Alex Feeney 9 133lb 13oz
13th Danny Slack 8 164lb 7oz
14th Finlay Bulbeck 8 87lb 2oz
15th Matthew Grindle 8 74lb 5oz
16th Alex Molloy 6 96lb 8oz
17th Sam Claydon 6 61lb 2oz
18th Jamie Bowden 5 97lb 14oz

Huge congratulations to Bradley Hancock for winning this year’s Preston Intermediate festival. It’s been a great week and I’d like to say a big thank you to Preston for once again sponsoring the event.

Thanks from all the
fisheries team here
at White Acres