Preston Innovations Pairs Festival 2016 Draw / Rules / Format

Fishing Information call 01726 862519
Festival Bookings call 01726 862100
Holiday Bookings call 0344 335 3569

Everything you need including the rules, format information and the draw for the match!

Match Rules and Format
Match Rules
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A Section
Day Lakes
Monday TWIN OAKS 1-18
Tuesday TREWATERS 19-36
Wednesday TWIN OAKS 19-36
Thursday TREWATERS 37-54

Sean Bloomfield David Cooper Dennis Finch
Steven Holt Neil Jellis Craig O’Connor
Roy Penkethman Antonio Poyter Dan Simper
Philip Thornley

B Section
Day Lakes
Monday TREWATERS 19-36
Tuesday TWIN OAKS 19-36
Wednesday TREWATERS 37-54
Thursday TWIN OAKS 1-18

Martyn Allen Jasmin Bailey Adrian Clark
Simon Gould Alan Oram Ryan Shepp
Richard Tomlinson Darren Webster Albert Williams
Martin Williams

C Section
Day Lakes
Monday TWIN OAKS 19-36
Tuesday TREWATERS 37-54
Wednesday TWIN OAKS 1-18
Thursday TREWATERS 19-36

John Cain Nick Collier Gareth Davies
David Falzon Angela Finch Andy Mexome
Alan Newton Mark Parrett Clive Poole
Johnathon Smith

D Section
Day Lakes
Monday TREWATERS 37-54
Tuesday TWIN OAKS 1-18
Wednesday TREWATERS 19-36
Thursday TWIN OAKS 19-36

Kieran Bailey Chris Hancock Ian Hudson
Darren Jackson Jason King Richard Mills
Francis O’Reilly Russell Peck Ian Sutton
David Tomlinson