Tom Scholey: Why I Love White Acres

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Tom Scholey, Editor of Match Fishing magazine.

Tom Scholey, Editor of Match Fishing magazine.

Published Jan 2017

White Acres festival regular and editor of the UK’s only Match Fishing magazine, Tom Scholey joined us for a chat about his experiences of White Acres.

“As a mad keen match angler, the drive South to White Acres has always held a magical charm – generally signalling the start of a week’s holiday with fish and beer a-plenty!

I have now had the pleasure of working in angling journalism for the last decade, and despite travelling all over Europe through my work, the journey to White Acres still holds that same sense of anticipation for me as it did when I first travelled down as a 20 year old.

The great thing from my point of view as Editor of Match Fishing magazine, is that I know that a large percentage of my readers love White Acres too!

Tom Scholey, Editor of Match Fishing magazine.


Not only is the park the holiday destination of choice for tens of thousands of match anglers every year, but it also provides arguably the most competitive arena of commercial match fishing too at festival time. Take the Preston Innovations Festival in October – 180 of the UK’s very best match anglers battling it out for 24 places in a final to fish for £25,000 – match fishing simply doesn’t get any more electric than that.

Given such a hotbed of talent, it is no surprise that so many of the methods that now dominate at commercials the length and breadth of the country were first perfected there, and for me that makes White Acres the perfect place to shoot features –it really is the colosseum of match fishing.

Tom Scholey, Editor of Match Fishing magazine.

On the banks…

Over the years I have had the honour of photographing Steve Ringer, Des Shipp, Grant Albutt, Andy Power, Harry Billing and a host of other stars in action down there, making some great features and friends along the way. Probably my favourite feature of all came just a couple of weeks ago though, when I joined Des Shipp on the banks of Sycamore lake, and saw him put together a brilliant bag of quality White Acres silvers – look out for it in our January 2017 issue of Match Fishing.

With great facilities, amazing fishing, plus friendly and helpful staff, there is no wonder that White Acres has kept its place in the heart of so many match anglers for so long. I will be back in 2017 to take in a couple of the festivals, and give my readers their fix of all things Cornish. Hope to see you down there, and if I do, don’t be a stranger.”

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