Tried and Tested: A couple of Great Reels

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RRP £65
Spare spools £8.99

Part of Maver’s GC series of reels offering in built features beneficial to the modern match and specialist anglers. These reels come with a long cast spool for superb casting performance, a fighting drag system for smooth fish playing control at your fingertips, anti-twist line roller, and super sensitive drag setting.





Fitted with 4 ball bearings and a balanced handle and rotor, the GC Series is smooth, reliable and offers excellent value for anglers wanting advanced features without paying the earth. All reels are supplied with 2 spare spools boasting polished metal rims.

The GC3559BH is ideal for lighter waggler and feeder work on lakes like Pollawyn and Trelawney


RRP £82-99
Spare spools £17.00

Daiwa’s new Laguna reels are also perfectly placed for the angler who wants high performance and versatility at an affordable price.

The LA3550 is part of the LA3000 series all of which have been constructed around the slim profile of a rigid new metal, Hardbodyz. These reels host a feast of features including ABS, Twistbuster and white Daiwa call Infinite Anti Reverse.





A high level of winding power is delivered through a geared down retrieve of below 5:1 and a super smoothness aided by seven ball bearings. Assisted by Twistbuster and an oversize line roller, each turn of handle cranks home up to 86 cm of line. The aluminium spool features a hardened alloy lip and the front drag uses a combination of felt and steel washers allowing minute adjustments to be applied.

We rate the Laguna 3550 for heavier duty work on White Acres Sycamore and Eery lakes where the carp tend to be big single figures and low doubles’.

In Conclusion…

Either of these reels would make a superb acquisition and it really comes down to personal preference and the type of running line work you do. we will have both these reels stocked in our shop so you can see and handle them for yourself.