Tried and Tested: A Reel Hot Rod!

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White Acres Fisheries Manager Clint Elliott puts the brand new
ABU Garcia Suveran Match SSGS 13 Sport ROD through it’s paces..

abu Garcia Sport RodABU Garcia have been making rods for years so when they get excited about a new product I was eager to have a go with the 13’ top of the range model and made a date with some willing 6-8 lb carp! I set the rod up with a 6 lb breaking strain main line, and a two swan shot waggler rig. In hand my first impression was how crisp the blank was. It immediately felt very comfortable and well balanced.

On my first cast towards the margins of an island, in an awkward Easterly side wind I was overwhelmed by how well it cast and the little effort required to flick the float to the target area. Subsequent casts confirmed to me how easy it was to cast accurately to the same spot each time.

It didn¹t take me long to test out the rod’s fish handling qualities either – the reaction time is instant picking up line superbly – I was amazed at how easy it was to get a big fish in. I could feel every nod of the fishes head, the rod was communicating with me and I was always in control of what was happening under water.

abu Garcia Sport RodGripfit ergonomic handle designed to fit the hand and reduce fatigue, with directional casting pads and sculptured butt grip

abu Garcia Sport Rod 3Angled reel seat bringing the lip of your reel spool closer, aiming the centre of the spool at the butt ring for improved casting, and bringing the reel seat directly onto the blank for maximum transmission.

abu Garcia Sport Rod 1Multi Dynamic blank to increase feeling, smoother power transfer under load, and reduce radial torque to aid casting accuracy and SSGS line guides 50 percent lighter on average than conventional rings, plus they won¹t crack or chip.

abu Garcia Sport Rod 2BRAND new ABU Garcia Suveran Match SSGS 13 Sport ROD

The ergonomic handle and reel seat is a major design development and it really does feel comfortable. Playing big fish was achieved without any strain on the wrist – very important when bagging! The angle of the reel seat ensures that the line leaves the reel at the correct angle to enter the first eye, and this positioning also means those with shorter fingers can easily reach the lip of the spool with a finger.


“After several decent carp I can say that the new handle,
blank and line guides all add up to a class rod with
innovations that really do make a difference.”

ABU Garcia Suveran
SSGS 13 Sport Rod
RRP £199.99