Tried and Tested: Mosella’s Massive Impact!

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Time for a luggage makeover? Kit yourself out with the 2004 Mosella Impact Luggage range and you are sure to look the business on the banks.

When it comes to luggage there is a wide range of products on the market with just about every colour scheme imaginable but the new Mosella Impact livery is a real eye catcher. The blue black and yellow design will turn a few heads that’s for sure but does the quality live up to the looks?

Mosella impact luggageAt 190 cm long this holdall will take the long sections of modern poles with ease and a real nice touch is the padding protecting the separate front and rear rod and pole compartments. These are lipped to keep the sections in place. An external pocket stores bank sticks while there is an internal brolly pocket with drainage holes. The placement of the handles and straps make this a well balanced and easy to carry holdall.

Mosella impact carryallbottomThe two end zipped pockets are ideal for catapults, pellet pumps and containers and there is a very useful front padded and zippered compartment for side trays etc. The keepnet compartment has a strap to retain your nets in carriage and drainage holes to let the water out. The capacious main compartment can be closed off using the zipped top and the whole bag is finished off with a hard wearing waterproof material and rubber feet.

Mosella impact coolbagMANIC IMPACT COOLBAG
The coolbag is a good size that will accept a typical quantity of match bait and the silver insulating material makes sure that cold bait stays cool. It is ideal for keeping worms, meats maggots and casters cool and fresh plus it fits perfectly into the Manic Impact Carryall.

The placement of the handles make the Manic Impact Holdall well balanced and easy to carry.

The Impact Carryall is finished off with a hard wearing waterproof material and rubber feet.

Mosella impact coolbagThe Impact Coolbag uses a silver insulating material to keep your bait cool.
Manic Impacts’s zip top groundbait bowls are ideal for keeping worms in the dark, and leaving just enough air.

There are three sizes of net bag – single double and triple, and they are big enough for both keepnets and landing nets. waterproof and hard wearing they’ll keep your car smell-free and dry.

Mosella impact bowlZIP TOP GRONDBAIT BOWLS
Several sizes in the range of zip tops means you can protect your bait from the elements so that mix stays perfect and won’t dry out in the sun or over saturate in the rain! The Mini, shaped a bit like a top hat is ideal for a kilo of worms keeping them in the dark and leaving just enough air – they will breathe through the zip.

A top notch range of luggage with some nice touches,
if you are looking for a new set, the Mosella range is well worth a look.