Tried and Tested: Preston Innovations ‘The Edge’

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NewsReel’s Clint Elliott takes the 6 metre Preston Innovations
power pole ‘The Edge’ through it’s paces.


Clint with his catch

Clint with his catch

6 metre power pole for margin work on commercial carp waters, rated to an 18 elastic, it weighs 265 grams at full length.

Test Circumstances:
I took The Edge along to Gwinear’s peg 55 where there were likely to be several carp willing to help me test the tool. I rigged it up with a grade 14 which is my standard elastic for summer carp bagging, and attached a 0.17 mm diameter rig tied to a strong size 12 PR28 hook. I thought the rig wouldn’t give, so I could see how the pole could handle bagging.

Clint Elliott testing the Edge

Clint Elliott testing the Edge

First Impressions
The pole felt strong yet light even at full length. It certainly looked as though it will be up to the task of quickly handling carp to double figures.

How it Fished:
It wasn’t too long before I hooked my first 6lb mirror carp in the margins. I was only fishing with the top 3 sections and I was able to play and land the fish without having to add the extra sections or bully the fish. I never once felt like the pole was under threat. More fish soon followed confirming my impressions that this pole was well capable of landing good sized carp. Even fishing at its maximum 6m I did not feel concerned that I had no more sections to add on, it handled the carp with ease.

News-Reel’s Verdict
Several lumpy Gwinear mirrors proved The Edge pole is right up to the task it was designed for. What makes it a real bonus too is that throughout carp venues in summer you don’t need to fish far out even in open water so the pole would be a great addition to your holdall. So you don’t have to risk breaking your normal pole on big fish. The Edge is well worth the money. Lerc pole owners will also find that the 6 metres fit onto certain poles in the range making it even more versatile.