Tried and Tested: Restful Fishing

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Having spare top kits rigged up and ready makes for efficient fishing but where do you store them? News-Reel reviews two rig rests – Pete Wild’s Topkit and the Milo Rocket Launcher.


Most poles come with spare top kits and setting up these provides a variation in rigs to cover changing swim conditions. Storing the spares can be a problem. There are two accessories on the market for storing rigs that I have tried and really like.

RRP £65.00

The Topkit comes in short sections of high impact tubular ABS which are pushed together to form the rest. This means it can be carried in your carryall with ease. The angle of the rest can be adjusted with a knob situated underneath the butt rest and a nice touch is the inclusion of two short bank sticks. These make useful spare section rests. The whole rest is held in place on a seat box leg. Two sizes of bore are available for the butt rest, the narrower diameter providing up to eight rests for top three’s or power top twos, while the wider bore base takes a maximum of four top fours to cater for those occasions when you have to use longer top kits in deeper water.




rod_rests_9109The wider bore tubes of the Topkit will take number four sections

The angle of the Topkit rest can be adjusted with a knob situated underneath the butt rest

The Topkit separates into small sections for compact
The butt rest of the Rocket launcher will accommodate number five and six sections with ease

RRP £65.00
The Milo version supports up to six top sets and can be attached at one end to a leg seat box system. It differs from the Topkit in that it is free standing at the other end with an extendable leg support system. You can place spare fifth and sixth sections out of harms way on this rest, as well as long top kits for deep water. While not as compact as the Topkit to transport it is the ideal rest where I will use longer top kits and need to rest larger sections while sitting out in the water. Mostly made from lightweight alloy the butt end of the rest is formed from similar plastic to that of a rod tube and has large enough holes to take the wide end of the bigger sections of pole. I also like the foam grips of the upper rest. Both these Rests sell for £65.00 and can be purchased from the Tackle Lodge at White Acres.


“Both of these systems have a place in my
tackle bag and are well worth the money.
The Topkit is brilliant if you fish shallower
commercial venues or want compactness.
The Rocket launcher is the
business for the heavier longer
top sets and bigger sections of pole.”