Virgin Festival 2017 – Day Two

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This week we are holding our Virgin Festival which is specifically for the club angler, there will be 95 fishing over 6 peg sections rotating daily on Trelawney, Acorn & Canal, Python and Trewaters.

The hot weather continues on day two of the festival. Let’s see how they got on…

Day Two

‘D’ Section Trelawney

First on the lake today was Ross Pickles with 65lb 10oz from peg 2, fishing the method feeder, 2nd was Ron Hill from peg 8 with 64lb 2oz. 3rd on the day was Kevin Wingfield from peg 14 with 58lb 8oz.

Section Winners
Name Peg Points Weight
A Ross Pickles Peg 2 6 points 65lb 10oz
B Ron Hill Peg 8 6 points 64lb 02oz
C Mark Read Peg 17 6 points 55lb 06oz
D Elliot Fay Peg 25 6 points 48lb 02oz
‘A’ Section, Acorn and Canal

First on day two was Paul Reynolds from peg 6 Acorn. Paul fished the method feeder with dead maggots in the margins to weigh In with 64lb 5oz, catching mainly Carp, 2nd on the day was Ian Carley from peg 18 Acorn with 52lb 12oz, fishing caster, and 3rd was Mick Evans from peg 15 Acorn with 49lb 10oz. Mick fished the method feeder and the pole shallow with caster, catching F1s and carp.

Section Winners
Name Peg Points Weight
A Paul Reynolds Peg 6 Acorn 6 points 64lb 05oz
B Mick Evans Peg 15 Acorn 6 points 49lb 10oz
C Tony Nolan Peg 3 Canal 6 points 37 lb
D Colin Ellaway Peg19 Canal 6 points 48lb 14oz
‘B’ Section, Python

First overall on Python was Reg Barrass with 25lb from peg 29, Reg fished chopped worm over micro to the far bank, 2nd was Darren Neale with 24lb from peg 27. Darren fished the long pole with worm to the far bank and 3rd on the lake was Pete Tanner from peg 23 with 23lb 4oz. Pete also caught on the long pole with worm to the far bank.

Section Winners
Name Peg Points Weight
A Terry Pilgrim Peg 9 6 points 22lb 04oz
B Robert Durrant Peg 17 6 points 22lb 07oz
C Darren Neale Peg 27 6 points 24lb
D Reg Barrass Peg 30 6 points 25lb
‘C’ Section Trewaters

First on the day at Trewaters was Dave Phillips from peg 34, with 75lb 12oz fishing with pellet feeder and bomb, 2nd on the day was Brian Wallace from peg 47 with72lb 8oz. Brian fished with pellet in the margins, and 3rd was Jez Livsey from peg 54 with 67lb.

Section Winners
Name Peg Points Weight
A Dave Phillips peg 34 6 points 75lb 12oz
B Andy Brookman peg 23 6 points 50lb 08oz
C Ian Bowler peg 43 6 points 61lb 12oz
D Brian Wallace peg 47 6 points 72lb 08oz
Top Ten
Position Name Points Weight
1st Elliot Fay 12 106lb 15oz
2nd Mick Evans 12 106lb 14oz
3rd Andy Brookman 12 81lb 10oz
4th Reg Barrass 12 50lb 01oz
5th Ian Carley 11 103lb 04oz
6th Paul Reynolds 11 96lb 13oz
7th Dave Phillips 11 92lb 12oz
8th Jez Livsey 11 91lb 12oz
9th Terry French 11 81lb 14oz
10th James Wallace 10 110lb 14oz