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Here is an archive of interviews with various competitors big and small, at White Acres fishing competitions over the years.

Ben Fisk

Ben Fisk

Angling Interview – Ben Fisk talks…
We had a chat with Angling Times magazine Tackle and Commerce Editor. Ben has been taking part in festivals at White Acres for over eight years and has been placed second in the £25k Masters final twice, so he’s a White Acres expert.
Published April 2017

Angling Interview – Tom Scholey: Why I Love White Acres
White Acres festival regular and editor of the UK’s only Match Fishing magazine, Tom Scholey joined us for a chat about his experiences of White Acres.
Published Jan 2017

Angling Interview – Adam Rooney talks…
He’s seen as a talented rising star on the match circuit and he appears in many top angling publications, such as Improve Your Coarse Fishing. We sat down with Adam for a chat about his experience of White Acres.
Published June 2016

Steve Lockett

Steve Lockett

Angling Interview – Steve Lockett talks…
We had a chat with the Angler’s Mail Fisheries correspondent Steve Lockett.
Published April 2016

Angling Interview – Lee Kerry on White Acres
Having fished Festivals across the UK for 15 years, it still excites me every time I get onto the A30 down to White Acres. It really can be classed as the dream holiday for match anglers…
Published Jan 2016

Angling Interview – Q&A with Tom Scholey
Here Tom Scholey; a regular on the White Acres festival scene and editor of Pole Fishing magazine, talks about his experience of White Acres.
Published May 2015

Keith Arthur on White Acres 2015

Keith Arthur on White Acres

Keith Arthur on White Acres
I remember someone once saying that when time was made, they made lots of it. I wish they’d make some more for me because having not fished at White Acres for a while I’m realising just how much I miss it.
Published May 2015

Darren Cox
Darren’s winter 2011 fishing diary

Worthington-Walls Family
When it comes to a family holiday the Worthington-Walls families have just one place in mind – White Acres Holiday Park. For the past ten years they have travelled down to the park to bring the two families together…

Steve Barraclough

Steve Barraclough, winer of the 2009 Milo festival shares his match winning diary with us.

Darren Cox

Interview with a Masters Winner

Ben Leach
The White Acres festival season got off to a flying start with the 2007 Van Den Eynde festival being the first event of the year. It was a great week and the at the presentation on Friday evening former Parkdean Master and Daiwa Dorking star Ben Leach was named as the winner.

Keith Arthur

Keith Arthur

Keith Arthur – Land of the Giants
Recalling the second part of his fantastic Spanish expedition– SKY Television Keith Arthur gives you more with Catalan Carp and Giant Cats

Keith Arthur – Shark

News Reel’s intrepid traveller Keith Arthur re-lives heroic tales of shark fishing in the United States.

Keith Arthur – Welcome to Paradise

mouthwatering tales of Tarpon, SNook and several other natives of the fantastic Florida Keys.

Keith Arthur – Viva’Espanol

Keith Arthur recalls another of his fantasic escapades with Catalan Carp and Cats on theSpanish mainland….

Keith Arthur – Fishing is the Best Ever

First Published June 2004

Keith Arthur – Two fantastic September Visits to White Acres

First Published October 2003

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