White Acres Coca-Cola and Preston Intermediates Festival 2015

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Welcome to the White Acres Coca-Cola and Preston Intermediates Festival 2015.There’s a great turnout this year with 22 anglers fishing between the ages of 16 – 21. They are fishing over 3 days on Twin Oaks, Jennys and Python and on the final day Acorn and Canal.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Coca-Cola and Preston for sponsoring the festival.
Read on for the first day’s action…

Day One

Twin Oaks
Today’s winner on Twin Oaks was Finlay Bulbeck on peg 15 with 119lb 6oz. George Woodhead on peg 36 finished in second place weighing in at 94lb 4oz, George fished pellet at 5 metres. Finishing third on peg 9 with a weight of 91lb 13oz was Tom Bremner. With 48lb 12oz Kieron Wood took fourth place fishing method and worm down the edge from peg 21.

Section Winners
Name Peg Points Weight
Tom Bremner peg 9 6 points 91lb 13oz
Finlay Bulbeck peg 15 6 points 119lb 6oz
Kieron Wood peg 21 6 points 48lb 12oz
George Woodhead peg 36 6 points 94lb 4oz
Top Twenty
Position Name Points Weight
1st Finlay Bulbeck 6 119lb 6oz
2nd George Woodhead 6 94lb 4oz
3rd Thomas Bremner 6 91lb 13oz
4th Kieron Wood 6 48lb 12oz
5th Matthew Grindle 5 90lb 14oz
6th Elliot Mavers 5 84lb 14oz
7th Joshy Gilbert 5 69lb 2oz
8th Bradley Proctor 5 47lb 2oz
9th Sam Collett 4 84lb 6oz
10th Tom Edwards 4 71lb 10oz
11th George Organ 4 61lb 8oz
12th Joshua Smith-Trow 4 43lb 10oz
13th Graeme Docker 3 63lb 4oz
14th Sam Nobbs 3 54lb 0oz
15th Mace Graham 3 43lb 12oz
16th Martyn Mitchell 3 30lb 4oz
17th Andrew Cranston 2 42lb 2oz
18th Jo Kent 2 33lb 6oz
19th Mitchell Rawlinson 2 33lb 6oz
20th Jake Nightingale 2 30lb 0oz
21st James Allen 1 23lb 6oz
22nd Jacob Sanderson 1 21lb 4oz

Join us tomorrow for day two …

Day Two

Today’s winner on Jennys was Josh Gilbert on peg 8 with 105lb 12oz, Josh fished pellet feeder. Sam Collett on peg 16 Jennys finished in second place weighing in at 78lb 12oz.Finishing joint third on Jennys was Tom Edwards and Brad Proctor with 61lb 10oz. Tom was on peg 2 and fished meat short and Brad fished from peg 4.

Day Two Jennys and Python
Today’s winner on Jennys was Sam Claydon on peg 7 with 71lb 12oz, Sam fished pellet feeder. Alex Holloway on peg 20 finished in second place weighing in at 48lb 7oz catching short with method and meat. Finishing third on peg 5 with a weight of 44lb 9oz was Jordan Holloway fishing meat at 5 metres. With 40lb 9oz Aiden Williams secured himself fourth place fishing waggler and pellet at 13 metres from peg 16.

Section Winners
Name Peg Points Weight
Elliot Mavers peg 13 6 points 49lb 0oz
Joe Kent peg 24 6 points 46lb 12oz
Josh Gilbert peg 8 6 points 105lb 12oz
Sam Collett peg 16 6 points 78lb 12oz
Top twentytwo
Position Name Points Weight
1st Joshua Gilbert 11 174lb 14oz
2nd George Woodhead 11 154lb 12oz
3rd Elliot Mavers 11 133lb 14oz
4th Sam Collett 10 163lb 2oz
5th Thomas Bremner 10 132lb 5oz
6th Matthew Grindle 10 126lb 6oz
7th Bradley Proctor 10 108lb 12oz
8th Finlay Bulbeck 9 149lb 6oz
9th Tom Edwards 9 133lb 4oz
10th Kieron Wood 9 71lb 6oz
11th Graeme Docker 8 91lb 10oz
12th Jo Kent 8 80lb 2oz
13th Joshua Smith-Trow 8 77lb 2oz
14th George Organ 6 111lb 0oz
15th Sam Nobbs 6 93lb 4oz
16th Mitchell Rawlinson 5 86lb 14oz
17th Mace Graham 5 74lb 0oz
18th James Allen 5 48lb 7oz
19th Andrew Cranston 4 65lb 6oz
20th Jake Nightingale 4 41lb 12oz
21st Martyn Mitchell 4 38lb 12oz
22nd Jacob Sanderson 2 44lb 0oz

Day Three

Acorn and Canal

Today’s winner on Acorn was Elliot Mavers on peg 14 with 93lb 14oz. George Woodhead on peg 19 Canal finished in second place weighing in at 85lb 8oz fishing caster down the edge. Finishing third on Acorn was Tom Edwards with 63lb 15oz. Tom fished from on peg 11. Taking fourth place with a weight of 60lb 2oz was Sam Collett on peg 13 Acorn.

Section Winners
Name Peg Points Weight
Andrew Cranston peg 19 6 points 52lb 10oz
Elliot Mavers peg 14 6 points 93lb 14oz
George Organ peg 4 6 points 31lb 4oz
George Woodhead peg 19 6 points 85lb 8oz

Position Name Points Weight
1st George Woodhead 17 240lb 4oz
2nd Elliot Mavers 17 227lb 12oz
3rd Joshy Gilbert 14 229lb 11oz
4th Sam Collett 14 223lb 4oz
5th Tom Edwards 14 197lb 3oz
6th Matthew Grindle 14 164lb 3oz
7th Bradley Proctor 14 128lb 1oz
8th Graeme Docker 13 140lb 10oz
9th Finlay Bulbeck 12 186lb 12oz
10th Thomas Bremner 12 145lb 5oz
11th George Organ 12 142lb 4oz
12th Jo Kent 12 115lb 7oz
13th Sam Nobbs 11 118lb 15oz
14th Joshua Smith-Trow 11 112lb 6oz
15th Kieron Wood 11 92lb 7oz
16th Andrew Cranston 10 118lb 0oz
17th James Allen 10 89lb 15oz
18th Mace Graham 8 77lb 2oz
19th Mitchell Rawlinson 5 86lb 14oz
20th Jake Nightingale 5 59lb 14oz
21st Martyn Mitchell 5 41lb 9oz
22nd Jacob Sanderson 4 83lb 1oz
Winners of White Acres Intermediates Festival 2015

Winners of White Acres Intermediates Festival 2015

Congratulation to George Woodhead for winning this year’s Intermediate festival.
George stayed very consistently in the top two over the three days of fishing and pushed himself to first place by winning his section on the final day. Well done to Elliot Mavers who finished in second and Josh Gilbert for taking third place. Josh Gilbert also managed to take home a pair of very sunburnt knees due to his inability to apply suncream!
All the guys won goodie bags kindly given to us by Drennan and cash was also won by the top 3 and the section winners
Thank you to Coca-Cola for also sponsoring the event
Well done guys, thank you for taking part and making this festival so much fun, see you all soon…
The Fisheries Team